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Manned space exploration is in a bit of a funk these days, depending on how you look at it. Robots are doing a lot of heavy lifting, and the potential deaths of astronauts make governments wary of much risk-taking. Commercial ventures are starting to ramp up, but their missions aren’t quite as awe-inspiring as the former glory of NASA. Here are just some quick links on the future of space exploration.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Space Exploration”

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xenomancer (profile) says:

Rockets and Robots

Apparently Finkel has decided that multiple trips carrying supplies to some form of staging facility in orbit is too hard to consider when determining the physical feasibility of spaceflight, as well as the possibility of utilizing a propulsive force other than the thrust from a combustion powered rocket. If only we had some sort of “space station” to use as a proxy for improving our ability to explore our solar system. I guess that is only something we could achieve by launching a whole science vessel at once on the top of a single huge rocket.

… and forget about getting ANY country to agree to working in a collaborative manor to do science in space. That’s just a waste of our precious land-based time and money. Besides, what has going into space EVER achieved for the rest of us?


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