Is The FBI Lying To Congress About Its Abuses Of The Patriot Act?

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As we go through this brief extension in three of the more controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, which give law enforcement tremendous leeway in spying on people with very little oversight, there have been some hearings about those provisions. At a recent Senate Judiciary Hearing about this, FBI director Robert Mueller was asked if any of the three provisions had been found to be abused. Mueller responded, “I’m not aware of any.” However, as the EFF notes, it has clear evidence of the roving wiretap being abused, which it found via some FOIA documents. Tellingly, when it requested info about Patriot Act violations, it received heavily redacted info. However, via a different FOIA request, it received other information that, when combined with the first FOIA request, reveals a clear abuse by the FBI. Separately, the EFF points out that (former) Senator Russ Feingold indicated at a hearing in 2009 that he had seen confidential evidence of abuse:

“I recall during the debate in 2005 that proponents of Section 215 argued that these authorities had never been misused. They cannot make that statement now. They have been misused. I cannot elaborate here. But I recommend that my colleagues seek more information in a classified setting.”

On top of that, they point to a 2007 report (pdf) from the Office of the Inspector General at the Justice Dept, which notes two cases of the FBI abusing those 215 orders.

This raises some pretty serious questions. Is Director Mueller simply uninformed about his agency abusing these provisions? Or was he lying to Congress about those abuses? Neither case looks good, and neither suggests that we should renew those provisions.

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Comments on “Is The FBI Lying To Congress About Its Abuses Of The Patriot Act?”

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Ella says:


What they are doing is using the Patriot Act to protect the Satanic power structure. If anyone goes against them, meaning saying they are a victim of Masonic Ritual Abuse, a victim of CIA MK ULTRA mind control and torture with Tesla electromagnetic weapons, a victim of abuse by a priest, then they are targeted.
The formula is the SAME for ALL of us. It is the Targeted Individual story. We are first hacked, slandered, then gangstalked and harassed, our houses are entered on a daily basis, we are harassed by low flying helicopters and airplanes, our phones are tapped, we are falsely diagnosed with delusional disorder, or worse, paranoid schizophrenia, forced to take medication, in many cases. They sometimes take our children, they kill people around us, they vandalize our vehicles, and many are tortured with voice to skull technology. This is why the Patriot Act was implemented in the first place. There are no terrorists. Freemasons are the terrorists.

Tom Landry (profile) says:

Cops despise anything that takes away a potential tool that gives them an excuse to ignore what would otherwise be constitutional rights. Whether its needle exchange programs, medical marijuana, raising of speed limits, the ability to spy on folks without the need for warrants etc. I can certainly understand their reasoning since it gives them less options in their toolkit to fight crime. Unfortunately they lose perspective on why they do what they do and it fosters an “us-against-them, if-you’ve-nothing-to-hide-you-shouldn’t-worry” mindset.

Jennifer Durand says:

Drones , thermal imaging, 24 /7 survielkance

I have been the victim of this pervasive surviellance 24 hrs a day seven days a week for years. They use thermal cameras over my home too. If it is quiet I can hear them hovering and when I go towards my door I can hear them move. They can intercept Internet data on a home wifi network , censor it real time, they started that about 4 years ago. The only reason I know that is because they were mocking me . This year they are skywriting with whatever drones or aircraft they are using to spy. This is a tyranny reminiscent of Orwell and Cointelpro on steroids. I am going to sue them but what are you’re actual chances of redress when they blatantly lie to lawmakers and the judicial system. Parallel reconstructions telling police to lie in court. Stop look around people we are loosing the freedom that America stands for and I am personally afraid of my government.

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