DailyDirt: Stuff That Literally Changes The Way We Think

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The human mind is often described using computer terminology — with the mind as the software running on our soggy brain hardware. The analogy breaks down in many ways, especially since our brains don’t actually execute instructions like CPUs do. However, there are still plenty of folks trying to “hack” our wetware to improve — or just change — the way we think. Here are a few quick links on ways to change the way people think.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Stuff That Literally Changes The Way We Think”

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Sean T Henry (profile) says:

Since I’m the first one I will just have to quote it and say what every one is thinking.

“Symptoms of borderline personality disorder include severe insecurity about relationships, fears of abandonment and constant, needy reassurance-seeking from partners.

Borderline personality disorder usually occurs in women”

They needed a study it find that out?

All seriousness TMS is cool and I’m glad that more is being done with it.

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