Lady Gaga Claiming Ownership Of 'Gaga'? Threatens Baby Gaga Ice Cream

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As a father of an infant, I can tell you first hand, that babies go through a phase where they say “gaga gaga” quite frequently. This is not new. So it’s not too surprising that the makers of the somewhat controversial “breastmilk ice cream” that’s been a controversial hit, decided to name it “Baby Gaga.” However, now there are reports (as many of you sent in) that Lady Gaga is threatening the shop for violating her rights. Does this mean pretty much every baby ever can sue Lady Gaga for copying their schtick? Look, if you’re going to pick a common baby phrase as your silly stage name, don’t be surprised when others use it too. But don’t go legal over it. It just makes you look like a baby.

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Comments on “Lady Gaga Claiming Ownership Of 'Gaga'? Threatens Baby Gaga Ice Cream”

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Cowardly Anon says:

Re: Re:

I saw that too. But, my understanding is that the servers dressed that way before the ice cream was served there. (I could be wrong through.)

Also, the shop owner comments that the costumes were paying homage to Madonna, not Gaga, and he could make a very very good argument there as Lady Gaga “borrows” a lot if inspiration from pop giants of the past.

That being said, Lady Gaga’s letter doesn’t make a comment about the way the items are served, only the name.

Seems like the Lady is riding a rather high horse to me.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Now I know why I'm not rich and famous

“It seems that a humorectomy is a pre-requisite for being successful in the entertainment industry.”

Is that the name of the surgery that Lady GaGa got to tuck her man-sausage between her leg and up her pooper?

Because, if so, it’s a horribly undescriptive name for a surgery….

Mike42 (profile) says:


My understanding was that the shop was trying to spread awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding. The antiseptic ’40s and ’50s took its toll on the practice, and very few mothers that I’ve met actually do it.

So, is the takeaway that Lady Gaga is against breastfeeding? I just want to be clear on the message she is sending to her fans who are pregnant or new mothers…

Library Dude (profile) says:

History repeats itself in the strangest of ways

Back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, there was a dispute between two western Quebec french fry vendors (a.k.a. “chip wagons”). One guy called himself “Le Roi de la Patate” (Potato King). The new guy in town called himself “Gaga, le Roi de la Patate” (Gaga, the Potato King). The original potato king sued the new kid on the block for infringing his trademark. I have no idea of the outcome of the case because I moved away from the area around that time. But wouldn’t it be uproariously funny if Lady G were prevented from using her name because it turned out that it had already been trademarked by a small-town Potato King?

Anonymous Coward says:

While your all running around screaming how she is a talentless transsexual hack, did any of you happen to notice the background of the moron running the shop and making the claims?

To overuse an internet phrase, pics or it didn’t happen.

But by all means let us presume the worst, I mean a guy who stormed a TV show in the name of fathers rights and then turned around and supported his new wife denying he baby daddy access to the child in violation of a court order, or taking money for a movement and then disappearing, or turning up drunk… yeah he can’t possibly be creating a tempest in a teapot.

Notice they didn’t have a copy of the letter in the article? And statements about its contents are quotes from him… not the letter being cited.

Hey look… you got trolled!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

It was a wonderful display seeing all of these people tearing down someone who quite possibly didn’t do anything. Attacking her music, image, gender, and a whole host of unrelated things all because some dude said she did something.

Well it sounds like something stupid she would do, really isn’t worthy of debate is it?

But you have all moved on to the photo release, and how dare she… but she is one of a long line of people who have done this.
And it is all her fault, but has anyone actually asked her if she knows about it?
While she does control her image, do you honestly think she saw every piece of paper some label lackey was handing out?

She is pretty accessible, and I would be entertained if anyone actually brought these things to her attention and got her response.
While someone in her “camp” might be responsible, I have a feeling her response would be to cut the lackey loose and apologize for having lost control of the media machine around her.

Anonymous Coward says:

Sticky Mess

Our company is about to release a new Glue Product made from animal himbo fat. Its called, Goo Goo GaGa. But with all this hoopla maybe we should call it Glue Glue GaGa.

Miss Lady GaGa, this is a real sticky mess your in. Your not royalty and have yet to register yourself as a trademark.
To boot your so stupid to have chosen a generic term for a Trademark name.

Not off to a good start are we love?
How do you like them lactating nipples, huh? : P

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