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Developing more sources of renewable energy to help replace (or supplement) our fossil-fueled economy seems like a worthwhile pursuit. Since nature has been doing renewable energy cycles for quite a bit longer than people have, plants and microbes might inspire some interesting ways to create fuels from sunlight. But even if the research doesn’t pan out for practical energy solutions, we’ll likely learn something interesting about biological processes. Here are a few quick links on alternative energy projects.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Alternative Energy”

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Hawkmoon (profile) says:

In my opinion, this rush for hydrogen fuels is a lost cause. There is a virtually limitless supply of energy under our feet called geothermal. Unfortunately the coal companies have a virtual stranglehold on energy production and permitting for geothermal plants can take 3-6 years for approval. Places like Iceland generate 100% of their energy this way, and though the US is the largest producer of geothermal energy, the overall percentage generated vs coal or nuclear is quite small.

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