DailyDirt: Cold Fusion Sounds Like A Free Lunch (There Ain't No Such Thing)

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Clean, cheap and reliable (pick 2!) energy sources would significantly change how the world works. But so far, the technology has eluded us. Various forms of nuclear fusion always seem just a few years in the future — and meanwhile the sun taunts us with its enormous proof-of-concept activity, just happily turning hydrogen into helium only one astronomical unit away. With that in mind, here are a few quick links on some sorta sketchy ways to get something for nothing.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Cold Fusion Sounds Like A Free Lunch (There Ain't No Such Thing)”

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AdamBv1 (profile) says:

Nah, I'll take all 3

Clean, cheap and reliable (pick 2!)

If we looked into the right types of reactors there is no reason we could not have all three. Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactors (also known as Molten Salt Reactors) have the ability to make massive amounts of energy using a element that is far more common than Uranium (we dig it up and do nothing with it when we mine for other rare earths) and does not have the waste thats hazardous for tens of thousands of years issue that other fission reactors have.

It would be awesome if we could get more interest in these projects as its not new tech but nobody was interested in it back in the 60’s because it does not make Plutonium and at the time we wanted more for weapons.

Find out more on the basics of the plan at http://energyfromthorium.com/2010/03/29/kirk-sorensen-teac2-talk/

penstock (profile) says:

Free Lunch?

If you are using the Sun as your “proof of concept” — then you are not talking about “free energy” or getting something for nothing. The Sun consumes massive quantities of fuel as it converts this fuel into the useful form of energy that we enjoy here on Earth. From solid matter to radiant energy is not a process that is “free” — Zero Point Energy is “free” — not the Sun.

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