DailyDirt: Internal Combustion Ain't Dead Yet

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Recently, we’ve been talking about whether or not tools ever die out. One tool that seems to be evolving a bit faster these days is the good ol’ horseless carriage — and specifically the internal combustion engines that power them. While hybrids and pure electric vehicles seem to be growing, gas/diesel engines aren’t down for the count just yet.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Internal Combustion Ain't Dead Yet”

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Angry Puppy (profile) says:

Re: LiquidPiston Registration Wall

Yes, I get that vibe too, but maybe they are simply trying to build up a mailing list. There’s no charge, however, it’s a bad design if popularizing a technology is the goal. When I worked as a marketing director for a technology company I made sure product information was as easily obtainable as possible, even writing articles for newspapers and letting the reporters put their names to my work (it’s a more common practice then you would think). Of greater concern is that it looks like they have patented or have applied to patent the snot out of everything they have designed. I almost hope the technology is not useful because with all that patenting effort it’s unlikely the technology will ever be used in significant quantity.

FYI: The video requiring registration is at http://www.liquidpiston.com/technologycycle/tid/technologycycle/tid/5.html

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: LiquidPiston Registration Wall

Well it will after 28 years or so, most advances today that are the high tech are from the 80’s really.

I saw the other day a guy trying to patent a furnace base on a design from last century(no that is not a joke). He made some modifications to bring it to the 21th century and was applying for a patent.

Josef Anvil (profile) says:

just a bad bet

Fossil fuels are a finite resource, so improving technology around that fuel isn’t the best bet. It simply doesn’t matter how well you improve the engine if the fuel it runs on is used up.

Electricity or hydrogen are much better ways to focus on the future. The only people that don’t want to see that are the ones that need oil to maintain their wealth.

Companies like Tesla Motors are proving that electric cars are a reality and even the big guys are testing electric cars in developing markets. Betting on oil and internal combustion is a lot like the RIAA and MPAA betting on the internet going away.

Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

Long Distance Versus Short Distance

It doesn’t matter very much how you get to the nearest freeway entrance, because that’s a short distance (say, a mile) at low speed (say, 30 mph), or two minutes, barring congestion. What does matter is how you go a long distance (35 miles) at high speed (70 mph), or half an hour. Freeways sometimes incorporate electric railroads. It’s no great difficulty to fence off the median, build tracks, and string electric wires overhead. When the conditions are right, the railroad can carry automobile transporter cars, and these work with any automobile of a reasonable size. If the automobile has a battery, the transporter car can recharge it, of course, but the transporter car can carry conventional automobiles as well, and save the fuel these would otherwise use. Now, if your destination is a congested location, such as a city center, where it would be difficult to find a parking place, it often makes sense to park your car at a train station and ride the train into town.

I developed the matter in a little more detail here:


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