DailyDirt: Good Food, Rare Food

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Awesome food, like anything that takes time and talent to create, is often a rare find. So it’s not surprising that there are obsessive folks out there who are always on the lookout for the best ingredients and methods for cooking great food. Here are just a few quick links for you foodies.

  • If you like Kobe beef, ya gotta try pork from Mangalitsa pigs. The meat-to-fat ratio is crazy. Who cares whether or not pigs have personality? Bacon tastes good. [url]
  • The best-tasting foie gras you’ve ever eaten *can* be humanely produced… if you just create a “garden of Eden” for geese. But a prison made of gold is still a prison… (with yummy, yummy prisoners, in this particular case). [url]
  • Beer-battered foods are better than foods fried in just a water-based batter. This observation was determined by instrumental textural analysis and a panel of trained sensory evaluators. Who are you to say otherwise? Toothpacking, FTW! [url]
  • In a couple decades, chocolate might become as rare and expensive as caviar. Maybe it’s time to start stocking up on chocolate bars… so that you’ll be prepared for the upcoming Cash4Chocolate craze. [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Good Food, Rare Food”

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    Pixelation says:

    It's over...

    “If you’re going to do that successfully… “

    Your name is Kervorkian, is it?

    “make sure your car produces enough CO to actually effect the desired result.”

    See, we’re even running out of CO!

    “Otherwise, you’ll just be sitting in your Prius eating chocolate until the battery dies.”

    That should be a scene in a Will Farrell movie.

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