DailyDirt: Looking To Improve Infrastructure Designs

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The car culture of America has far-reaching effects that have numerous unintended consequences for how Americans live and work. So, it’s good to see folks who are trying to quantify some of the effects — and hopefully, someday we’ll be able to improve the designs of our cities and suburbs. Maybe we’ll even have revolutionary new vehicles to take us around more efficiently… Segways for everyone! Or maybe not.

  • Driving without making any left turns could be safer AND more efficient. Just out of curiosity, I had to check to see if the author of this study was named Zoolander…. [url]
  • Cul-de-sacs are evil and slowly killing you. Ok, that’s not exactly true, but neighborhoods with more interconnected streets generally have better walkability scores — which correlate to lower body mass indexes. [url]
  • Next time you’re waiting for a parking spot, here’s a long paper on parking infrastructure to keep you busy. But it’ll be somewhat irrelevant when most of the cars are electric or hybrids. [url]
  • Bike enthusiasts report that bike/pedestrian infrastructure construction projects create almost twice as many jobs (per million dollars spent) than regular road construction. Hmm. But I don’t think “job creation” is a very good metric for construction projects. Digging holes and filling them back in could create a lot of jobs, too. [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Looking To Improve Infrastructure Designs”

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    Anonymous Coward says:

    Flying vehicles were invented quite some time ago, but so many people wanted them that the FAA banned them. There was a somewhat recent article on techdirt about them finally approving something. Had something been approved a long time ago, perhaps we would have better infrastructure today. Then again, I imagine a flying vehicle would cause more pollution than a car (though technological advancements could have improved that to some extent, if the FAA gave more opportunity earlier), and sure, safety is a valid concern.

    Chris-Mouse (profile) says:

    Flying cars would be a nightmare.

    If you think traffic jams are bad now, imagine what it would be like if the drivers have to watch for cars above and below them as well as beside them. Oh, don’t forget that there’s no such thing as a minor accident for an aircraft in flight. Even a minor fender bender will kill everyone on board when the flying car stops flying and falls out of the sky.

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