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Money can’t buy happiness, but they say that you can try to rent it for a while. All sorts of things can be rented these days — and at fairly reasonable prices, too. There’s a pretty big real estate glut, so it looks like a bunch of places are trying to get attention with some interesting “shared space” ideas. Here are just a few rental ideas we’ve come across recently.

  • Rental kitchens are like incubators for culinary startups. Warning: may contain nuts, though…. [url]
  • A DIY science laboratory in NYC complies with CDC biosafety level 1 regulations. And nothing could possibly go wrong with a biohacker lab located near a major metropolitan area like NYC. [url]
  • CubeSats are available for a few thousand bucks — and if you can find a spot on a rocket, you’re set to go. However, rental space on a rocket isn’t exactly easy to come by…. [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Rental Space For Anything”

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    Eric Crampton (profile) says:

    Spreading the fixed costs

    My favourite one of these is a one-day-a-week restaurant in Wellington. They were closed Mondays, ’till the owner met an Ethiopean immigrant who’d always wanted to run a restaurant. Now it’s Thai 6 days a week, Ethiopean on Mondays. The only Ethiopean restaurant in New Zealand, best I’m aware.

    It’s also fairly common among NZ craft brewers: the bigger guys with the equipment rent out their equipment some of the time to startups.

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