Musician Releases Album And Explains Why File Sharing Isn't That Big A Deal

from the it's-all-good dept

Brian points us to a video from Charlie McDonnell, a musician/internet personality, who has just released a new album. The video, rather than just talking up the new album, is a four minute reflection on file sharing that covers the sorts of things we talk about pretty frequently, basically saying (1) file sharing isn’t stealing, because no one’s missing something (using a comparison to stealing Mars Bars) and (2) if you like the content, it creates new fans who will help support the artist in other ways:

Again, nothing really new or different there but put forth simply and eloquently and interesting that it’s done in conjunction with the release of his album, where he notes you can listen to the entire album for free and he’s not going to be upset if folks get the songs from elsewhere, though he’d certainly like people to support him. You can hear the album below too, and it’s internet geeky, so I figure folks around here might like it.
The one thing that surprises me, though, is that while he’s using Bandcamp to handle sales of the CD, he’s not offering downloads via Bandcamp, where he could do things like offer flexible pricing. Instead, you have to buy it from iTunes. Kind of strange.

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Comments on “Musician Releases Album And Explains Why File Sharing Isn't That Big A Deal”

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Huph says:

Re: I agree

Meh… Every single person of my generation thought the exact same thing 10 years ago. Eventually, kids grow up, they have families, money becomes an important factor. Musicians work for free when they’re young, eventually they’ll want to be paid. You can take that to the bank. Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is to be wary of judging the future based on what kids are doing now. People are adults for MUCH longer than they are children.

Because if what you say is true, and these kids will never change their priorities, then why wasn’t pot legalized when the baby boomers took over? For that matter, why is gay marriage still such an issue? People used to say that things would be different when the boomers took over, but here we are, embroiled in two wars under the command of the “Love & Peace Generation”. (a generation that had first-hand experience with the war machine in the 60s and 70s!)

Gen X was as anti-corporate as a generation comes, yet who do they all work for now?

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

You’re mistaken. UK Mars bars are similar to the US Milky Way bars (UK Milky Ways being different again), but they’ve always been called Mars.

Snickers bars used to be called Marathon but were renamed for globalisation reasons in 1990. As far as I’m aware, they’re the same bar.

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