Venezuelan Politicians Seem To Think The Web Is Like TV: Adult Content Only Allowed At Night

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With all the jokes we’ve had about how badly it seems the US government doesn’t understand the internet, and often seems to want to censor the internet, it appears that politicians in Venezuela want to go even further. A lawmaker from the ruling party has put forth a bill that would regulate the internet — in part by saying that adult content can only be available after midnight.

Yes, you read that right. Supporters point out that this is the same requirement for TV and radio, so why shouldn’t it work that way for the internet? Detractors point out that… um… that’s not how the internet works. Of course, the bill also lets the government directly censor websites that say things the ruling party doesn’t like, which does seem like standard practice for media entities in Venezuela these days.

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Comments on “Venezuelan Politicians Seem To Think The Web Is Like TV: Adult Content Only Allowed At Night”

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21 Comments (profile) says:

Even worse in Germany

The JMStV is a law just passed to “protect the children” by forcing anyone to implement a rating system on their page which would automatically be blocked by parents adjusting their kid’s browsers filter. If anyone does not want to rate it and they are offering content for adults (not necessarily pron) they have to make sure their content is only available after 10 p.m.

That’s what you get with a bunch of clueless jerks who just don’t get the internet (actually most ppl thing, they do, they only want to control it).

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