Associated Press Chairman Signs Up For Righthaven, Begins Suing Bloggers

from the this-won't-end-well dept

Well, well, well. Remember back when the Associated Press threatened bloggers for quoting snippets of AP articles? Is the organization considering dipping its toes in the Righthaven waters? The Las Vegas Sun reports that Righthaven has signed up Media News as a client and has sued a blogger on behalf of the Denver Post, after the blogger apparently reposted a Denver Post column by Mike Rosen (with a link and credit). This is interesting for a few different reasons. First, it was just a few weeks ago that the Denver Post published a cryptic “reminder” about copyright that had a bunch of people scratching their heads. I had thought about mentioning it at the time, but it seemed so utterly lacking in context, that there wasn’t much to say. I guess the Righthaven lawsuit provides context.

But, much more interesting is the Associated Press angle. You see, the CEO of MediaNews is one Dean Singleton. The same Dean Singleton is also the chairman of the board of… (you guessed it!) the Associated Press. He’s also been their leading champion for the AP’s backwards-looking bunker “lock everything up” mentality and its “DRM the news” strategy. So, if he’s willing to partner with Righthaven and transfer copyrights to that company in exchange for suing bloggers, should we consider this a warning shot that the AP will be next? I’m sure that Righthaven would love that, though lately Righthaven’s legal strategy hasn’t looked so strong.

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Comments on “Associated Press Chairman Signs Up For Righthaven, Begins Suing Bloggers”

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Jardinero1 (profile) says:

Dean Singleton is an interesting creature. The first part of his media career was spent buying big metro dailies and then mismanaging right out of business. Now he is chairing the AP, amongst other things.

While, on the one hand, Singleton always managed to land on his feet after every business failure he is involved in; on the other hand, his presence is the kiss of death for every venture he is involved in. If Singleton is involved it is only a matter of time before things go badly for him and his associates.

suebasko (profile) says:



Could this same idea be applied to embeds of videos off youtube? “Everyone” embeds videos off youtube onto their blogs, myspace, or links to them on Facebook. Could this be considered copyright infringement?

MANY NEWS STATIONS have videos on youtube! WHat if those are embedded or linked on blogs, myspace, etc.

This whole thing opens up a can of worms. Seriously, though — most blogs do not make any money and intimidating the writers is so morally and ethically wrong.

Coconot says:

Dean Singleton, mob plant

Dean Singleton is reportedly “good friends” with real estate developer Larry Mizel, one of the chief reasons Silverado Savings & Loan went down. Mizel got a bunch of money from Silverado which he never paid back. He has used it to install all public officials in Colorado who wield any power whatsoever.

Several of the newspapers Singleton bought up were doing exposes of the savings & loan crisis, including Silverado. Whoops! That was the end of THOSE investigations! And the end of those reporters’ jobs, too.

The funniest thing about this–if there is a funny side to this very serious campaign the man and his cronies have of stamping out real news wherever it is to be found–is that there is no real news to be found in the Denver Post itself. There’s been a news blackout in Denver for a long, long time. The Post is nothing but ads, celebrity gossip, doggie news, obituaries which take up lots more space than they used to–and don’t forget the FOUR pages of comics, with FOUR crossword puzzles. Anything to keep thinking people tied up with silly diversions so they have less time to ferret out and think about the real news in this country, which is the massive takeover and looting of all our institutions by the finance capitalists, which has been going on for about 20 years now.

Boy Singleton cares nothing for the First Amendment. His mission is to SHUT DOWN NEWS GATHERING altogether.

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