Woman Claims Legal Loophole Means She Now Owns The Sun… And She Wants You To Pay Up

from the this-is-why-i-only-go-out-at-night dept

Xyro TR1 alerts us to the rather amusing article concerning a Spanish woman who claims to have figured out a loophole in the law that allowed her to register her ownership of the Sun — for which she now claims she will demand payment from anyone making use of the Sun’s rays. Apparently, the law says that countries cannot claim ownership of various planets or stars — but says nothing of individuals, which means a few people now think that by simply registering an ownership claim, they get it. This, obviously, is not even close to true, but I do like the woman’s quote:

There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law.

‘I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first.’

She claims that she’ll use any fees she collects for various useful tasks — giving much of it to the government (?!?) and using another chunk to fighting world hunger. She’ll merely keep 10% for herself. Of course, 10% of nothing is nothing, which is pretty much about what she should expect to make.

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Comments on “Woman Claims Legal Loophole Means She Now Owns The Sun… And She Wants You To Pay Up”

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Jeremy Lyman (profile) says:


Dear sun-owner-lady,
I object to the sudden increase in my utility rate, therefore I would like to terminate my service immediately to avoid incurring fees. Please cease delivery of your product to the address listed on my account. Thank you for your prompt processing of this request.
~ Subscriber #4460735286273916

P.S. I have still not received a prorated reimbursement for the service interruptions that occurred during the past year. (Especially during my vacation in Puerto Rico.) Please expedite this transaction as I will require the balance to purchase vitamin D from another supplier.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Class action lawsuit

If she owns the sun, a class action lawsuit against her for people misappropriating her rays in abundance resulting in skin cancer would be like a class action lawsuit against Justin Bieber’s record label on behalf of everyone who pirated his music and subsequently turned into a giant vagina….

Zangetsu (profile) says:

Old science fiction story covers this


Robert Heinlein published a story 60 years ago about how to “own” the moon. I’m not surprised that people keep trying to do this. I’m personally working on a way to trademark the period, then I’m going to stick it to the book publishers. After that it I am going to publish a song with a single note and then sue everyone using that note saying that they are making a derivative copy of my work. I figure at $750 per song I could live quite comfortably while doing nothing.

harbingerofdoom (profile) says:

Re: Old science fiction story covers this

personally im working on a patent for a process to indicate posessiveness of statements in a written document.

the patent pending process will enable authors to securly manage indication of statements made by a third party by inserting a ” at the beginning and end of such qoted statements with attribution to the issuing party.

mike, we should probably have a discussion on settlement terms since i have noted you are using this system. ill settle out of court with you for 1 large mocha, 1 subway token, 3 ball point pens (since i like your site, they can be the cheap ones rather than the expensive kind) and a case of silly string.

please let me know how you would like to resolve this one.

D L (profile) says:

Sue her

Anyone who has ever gotten sunburned or skin cancer needs to go ahead and sue her.. She is not responsible for all of that, and I for one am tired of the hours that the sun is available, and since I didn’t ask her to put her property up.. its shining in my yard!! Sue her for that…. Would be funny to see all the lawsuits pop up to make her even broker than before, and in the hole billions of dollars lol

Anonymous Coward says:

I am intrigued by this woman’s new ownership of the sun. I see a chance to monetize her position, since I own the atmosphere…so ma’am, please contact me for licensing information and pricing to use my atmosphere to moderate your sun’s rays, as well as use as a delivery and ad-hoc storage method.

Concurrently, all companies currently modifying my atmosphere without license should expect to hear from my legal team very soon.

However, it’s not all (quite) about money, so I will make my atmosphere free for personal and non-commercial use by individuals! 🙂

Please be aware, I cannot be held accountable for improper use of my atmosphere, and whatever damages may occur – after all, it’s in the EULA.

Josef Anvil (profile) says:

This is really old news

This story really doesn’t belong in TechDirt. The guy who sold acres on the moon actually made money.

She the first to think of this??? Tell that to Dennis Hope, who has been selling off world real estate since 1980.


Since this guy made money, hundreds of other people have exploited this “loophole” in the law. I would love to see her try to extort money through the courts from someone for their use of Sol.

Josh Taylor says:

We need to tell The UN to make changes to their Outer Space Treaty to make it illegal for individuals to claim ownership of any outer space. Angles Duran is committing treason and a sin. She needs to be hunted down, put on trial in an international court, charged and convicted of international treason, and be put to death. It’s a sin to claim ownership on God’s creation, that’s includes cutting down trees and destroying God’s precious landscape, polluting the water, and claiming ownership on God’s universe. Trees and plants should deserve equal rights the same way as animals and humans. Plants are not to be eaten by humans, same goes with animals. I am not only support animal rights, but rights for Trees and plants as well.

Pat says:

Re: Re:

You claimed your yard did you not, that’s part of Gods universe? Do you drive a car? That pollutes the air for the nice plants and animals so now they can not breathe. Also if plants and animals are not to be eaten by humans how the hell are we to survive, eat one another? We are animals so your wrong again and have proven to be a idiot at the same time.

Jd (user link) says:

Dear Sun owner ...

I’m glad someone has finally staked their claim on our firey home star. Now i can sue you for my various skin cancers. You have personally never undertaken any public interest warnings stating that too much exposure to your property causes cancer, and are therefore clearly negligent, given that medical science has known for years that sun exposure causes skin cancer.

My skin cancers are minor, so I am the least of your problems. Here in Australia, we have the highest rate of death from skin cancer in the world. Hundreds die here every year from melanoma alone, so I guess you’ll be hearing from the lawyers of their estates, as well as sufferers. You’d better up your usage prices.

You’re going to need every cent.

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