Chris Matthews Says That Pointing Out Chertoff's Conflict Of Interest Over Rapiscan TSA Scanners Is Slander?

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Michael Chertoff’s conflict of interest over the Rapiscan full body “naked” scanners used by the TSA in airports is old news. It was reported on widely earlier this year, and again in the past few weeks. So it does seem kind of odd (as pointed out via Radley Balko) that MSNBC TV guy Chris Matthews appears to accuse someone of slander for pointing it out. Of course, if you watch the video, what Matthews does is even more insidious — which is taking what Ginger McCall actually says, and twisting it to pretend she said something different. She points out — accurately — the conflict of interest, and he claims she’s saying that the only reason we have these devices was because of corruption and “sweetheart deals” back when Chertoff was head of Homeland Security. But McCall was merely pointing out that there’s a “revolving door” at these agencies, and machines are pitched by former government folks, with little evidence that they’re effective. Matthews totally takes what McCall actually says and pretends (falsely) that she claimed he made a corrupt deal while still in power. This is what passes for journalism these days?

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Comments on “Chris Matthews Says That Pointing Out Chertoff's Conflict Of Interest Over Rapiscan TSA Scanners Is Slander?”

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bshock (profile) says:

Re: Matthews

I respectfully disagree that Mr. Matthews is a “nut job,” and I suspect we’ll eventually need something equivalent to Godwin’s Law to point out how unhelpful it is to compare anyone to Glenn Beck.

However, I would agree with the viewpoint that Mr. Matthews is a poor journalist, in that (a) he tends to play fast and loose with facts, and (b) he seems to develop an irrational crush on the powerful, most particularly presidents.

Perhaps the problem is that we’re trying to project Mr. Mathews into the role of a traditional journalist, when in fact he’s merely a talk show host whose primary topic is politics and whose primary goal is to entertain.

misterdoug (profile) says:

Who would have seen this coming?

According to the Bush administration the Dept of Homeland Security was not going to create a new federal bureaucracy. It’s job was supposed to be to coordinate the various existing federal intelligence and security organizations, to streamline communication and data sharing and minimize duplication of effort. Because conservatives are against Big Government programs that waste your tax dollars.

The failed attempt to popularize the word “Homeland” with the American public was pathetic, but I guess it made sense. The Nazis had their Fatherland and the Soviets had their Motherland. The neocons needed a new name for the country they were trying to remake. But they really should have just called the DHS, “No Security Vendor Left Behind.”

harbingerofdoom (profile) says:

lest anyone forget, this is the guy who on national tv said that he made a commitment to cover politics in a liberal way.

to be honest, anyone expecting real journalism from someone who so clearly states that he has an agenda (be they from either side) is clearly not someone who should be trusted as an actual journalist.

but at least he is honest about it unlike so many others i guess…

Kendrick Ed (profile) says:

Chertoff in all the "right" places

“Chertoff, as U.S. Attorney in New Jersey during the first bombing attacks in the Trade Center, knew that a financier of the Mosque who was a suspect as the source of money for these attacks was Magdy Elamir. When Chertoff left his U.S. Attorney job he became Elamir?s attorney and defended Elamir in a multimillion dollar fraud case against him by New Jersey. Elamir later was cited by many 9-11 investigators as the probable financier of the 9-11 attacks. Elamir?s involvement has even been cited by major media, but strangely have never written a word about Chertoff?s relationship with him. Somehow in the MSM it seems completely not newsworthy that the head of Homeland Security has had close ties with a man who is the chief suspect in the financing of 9-11! In addition, Chertoff, when he became head of Justice Department Criminal Division, shielded Elamir from prosecution as a result of an FBI terrorist sting operation.”
“Michael Chertoff, an Israeli national through his mother – the first El Al hostess and Mossad agent, is Secretary of Homeland Security and was the Asst. Attorney General responsible for the Criminal Division of the Dept. of Justice from 2001 to 2003.” Source:

Spaceman Spiff (profile) says:

Corrupt is as corrupt does

Whatever the original intention of Chertoff, the end result is corrupt. So, spin it however you want, he has behaved as a blatantly stinky weasel! Just my humble opinion, but heck, what do I know? I’m just reacting to my employees’ (as a taxpayer) obvious attraction to oodles of financial gain, made possible by the position of trust we put them in… ๐Ÿ™

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