Why Is Verizon Wireless Blocking OpenDNS?

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The Washington Post recently ran an interview with OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch, where he notes that Verizon Wireless appears to be blocking OpenDNS, such that users cannot easily route around Verizon Wireless’ own DNS services. This seems like an odd decision for Verizon Wireless — especially at a time when the government is seriously considering network neutrality regulations. You would think that the company would recognize that blatantly blocking a competing service from being used might attract some attention. Perhaps Verizon Wireless is hoping that people won’t care because “OpenDNS” sounds boring? Or perhaps they’re still working on this belief that “wireless” plays by different rules?

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Comments on “Why Is Verizon Wireless Blocking OpenDNS?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

If I try to use the open internet I have DNS problems I know that because a number of pages don’t show up, but mysteriously it all works good when I’m using TOR, it just loads the pages I want because the requests are done on the otherside.

And that is why I’m seriously looking into alternatives for the internet that don’t depend on these infra-structure prone to censorship.

Hint: Use SOCKS 4a or SOCKS 5 to request DNS queries from the otherside.

Shane C (profile) says:

Sprint's forging DNS responses

We ran into a problem with Sprint wireless redirecting all DNS traffic to their servers. So instead of blocking it, their servers were/are masquerading as the server you’re trying to reach, and responding as such.

We figured this out when we were trying to setup dynamic DNS. Any updates going to the server (over port 53) were never making it to the server, yet the client was establishing a connection, to what ended up being the Sprint servers.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Another BS story loaded with misinformation.

Another BS story loaded with misinformation.

Let me explain how this works. When you accuse us of providing “BS” or “misinformation,” it then is your responsibility to let us know what is wrong, so that we may fix it. Simply declaring it full of misinformation doesn’t help anyone and, if anything, only makes us question your motives.

You tin hats find the boogerman everywhere.

I’m sorry. I don’t quite see how that applies to this post. We’re not “seeing” a boogerman anywhere. I’m just pointing out that Verizon Wireless is blocking OpenDNS. Are you claiming this is “BS” or “misinformation”? I’m not suggesting any conspiracy theory — just noting the fact and that it’s probably not in VZW’s best interests. You are arguing otherwise, apparently, but I’m not quite sure I understand the basis of your argument.

Kaega (profile) says:

Re: Re: Another BS story loaded with misinformation.

He is right you know. Simply declaring something without trying to back it up tells us one of two things.

1.) You simply want people to believe the store is BS
2.) You are twelve and he started it

Maybe you’re even lying to yourself. If the story is BS as you say then you should be able to show this is true. If you have no evidence then we would ask you to take a leap of faith and consider that maybe, possibly, a chance that… you may be wrong, and this story isn’t BS.

But I believe I have as much faith in you as you have faith in this story. Whenever you will, I will be ready for your one sentence name calling reply.

Lonny Paul (profile) says:

Net Neutrality - An absolute necessity

Open DNS is a great service – reliable (much more so than Comcast) and free! What could be better? I use OpenDNS at my home on the router side, allowing all devices to use it.

While I’ve never considered changing DNS servers on my phone, this article has opened my eyes to that potential possibility (or not since I’m on VZN).

I’m not sure how any carrier can currently FORCE their DNS on you (considering you can hard code it in both Windows and in your router) unless they are blocking the ports for any other IP destination.

Raptor85 (user link) says:

Verizon does this on DSL as well

I have verizon DSL at home (just started being offered a few years back, so it’s that or 28.8 dialup from earthlink), they do the same on their DSL lines here.

DNS isn’t outright blocked though, they’re masquerading as whatever server you’re trying to connect to, which is horrible as their DNS servers go down a LOT and I end up not being able to access a ton of websites. On throwing DNS errors or failing a domain lookup, instead of properly throwing an error you end up on a verizon “help” page…

Vince McCabe (user link) says:

My URL IS being treated as "INVALID"

And conmunicating with India does not HELP AT ALL !!!verizon has not been “friendly” at all; no assistance at all.
Why do you make everything so difficulty to do business with you. Why not view a class URL company like “AOL” way of doing business,i.e., such as stop constantly asking for “Password” and “Id”. OR YAHOO;GOOGLE or any other URL.

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