Is There Anything Lamer Than Facebook Threatening Lamebook With Trademark Infringement?

from the lameface dept

We’ve noted lately that Facebook has become excessively aggressive when it comes to trademark law and challenging websites that use either “face” or “book” in ways that are somewhat similar. Apparently, one recent target of a cease-and-desist threat was, one of the more popular of a few websites that post images of silly and ridiculous posts, comments and photos on Facebook. After a series of back and forth conversations, Lamebook has filed suit for a declaratory judgment that it does not infringe on Facebook’s rights (found via Eric Goldman). Lamebook points out that what they do is parody and wants the court to declare that what they do does not infringe on the trademark and is protected under the First Amendment. One would hope that a court would agree… but in the meantime it should be stated that Facebook’s recent ridiculously over-aggressive trademark claims are extremely lame.

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Comments on “Is There Anything Lamer Than Facebook Threatening Lamebook With Trademark Infringement?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Facebook sucks! Anyone who puts pictures of their family for everyone to see is an idiot. Hey! I want to rob you. All I have to do is go to Facebook and find out how many people are in the house. Read the messages, become a friend and really setup that family. Screw Facebook. The only way to be private on the internet is don’t use your real name when you sign up for anything. Duh. Don’t put your real name or address anywhere. Don’t be stupid. Be an Anonymous Coward.

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