Court Strikes Down Overly Broad Massachusetts 'Harmful To Minors' Law

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In another win for free speech rights over an overly aggressive gov’t attempt to censor, a federal judge issued an injunction barring a Massacusetts law that tried to ban certain works from the internet for being “harmful to minors.” The judge noted that since the law did not require that the works be “purposefully sent to a person the sender knew to be a minor,” it went way too far. There have certainly been a lot of attempts by governments to legislate parts of the First Amendment away, and it’s nice to see the courts still believe strongly in protecting at least that Amendment.

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Comments on “Court Strikes Down Overly Broad Massachusetts 'Harmful To Minors' Law”

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Revelati says:

I love how they are trying to use “harm to minors” to nullify the 1st amendment, the same way the feds used “interstate commerce” to nullify the 10th.

Talk about child exploitation…

Lets just scrap the constitution all together and replace it with the “Super freedom, terrorists are bad, save the children, patriot, we love Jesus, 9/11, eeeMerica! Git er’ donestitution”

Christopher (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Good politicians realize that we don’t need to worry about this, and a better way to ‘protect children’ would be to simply bring pedosexuality out into the open.

The fact is that it is a TOTALLY NORMAL sexuality that is being used as a ‘boogie man’ in order to frighten families into thinking that their children are in ‘danger’ every second of every day.

Yes, I know that children are ‘snatched’ by pedosexuals, but if you look at things, those are usually the pedosexuals who have TRIED to abide by the laws and end up going insane from lack of sexual gratification.

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