The Rise Of Mass Copyright Infringement Filing Shakedown Factories In The US

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For years, we’d heard the stories of the mass infringement “pre-settlement” sending law firm operations in the UK, such as (for a time) Davenport Lyons and ACS:Law — and we wondered why nothing like that had popped up in the US. Earlier this year, of course, up popped the US Copyright Group operation (really an off-shoot of DC-law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver). Since then we’ve seen more and more such operations set up — with many focused on the porn industry.

Ars Technica has a list of just a few of the law firms (and the silly names they’ve come up with) who have jumped into this game in the US. The more we see of this, the sooner it is that (as in the UK) backlash and hopefully legal sanctions will come as well. There’s little indication that any of these attempts have anything to do with actually protecting copyright or preventing infringement. Instead, they appear to be using the court system as a way to scare people into paying lots of money. Yes, it’s probably true that many of the people accused did infringe, but there is little effort made to ascertain the reality of the situation. Instead, the focus is on discovering who the people are so they can be hit with a “pre-settlement” offer.

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Comments on “The Rise Of Mass Copyright Infringement Filing Shakedown Factories In The US”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Prediction:


Drive by and seek open wireless networks. Connect. Download something that is sure to attract attention (be sure to disable all sorts of “shields” since your goal is to get caught). Repeat until bored (or out of gas…or batteries).

Then, sit back and watch those lawyers fire their (patented) “Pre-settlement Letter MIRV Warhead” at your “victims”.

Derek (profile) says:

First they came for...

They’re wily fsckers, you have to give them that…

Going after mostly porn infringement (for now) effectively casts any opposition as “pro-porn.” It will be hard for those accused (legitimately or not) to rouse much sympathy.

Later, armed with a stack of precedents, they’ll be ready to file lawsuits over the more mainstream adaptations of Barbie Horse Adventures.

Sam Hill says:

Did you get a letter?

Did you get a letter? Thousands just went out.

The news is reporting that this year about 50,000 already got one across all ISPs (Cox included).

I am sure some of this info may help others.
Please add to this post if you have more info to help

What do you do Next?

Step 1 Research the web

Here are some links with many more links inside them

Step 2 Decide if Hiring a Lawyer is cheaper than just paying an out of court agreement IF You ever get one.

In most cases the cost to hire a lawyer to defend this will cost more.

A. Hire a Lawyer
Typical retainers for Copyright law is 1 to 2 thousand

B. Defend your self on your own at first till you get served
web forms are only $10

Remember at this stage they do not know who you are so you have not been sued yet. The idea is to block the giving out of your name at first with this kit.
If they ever do sue you are can then hire a lawyer or just pay the out of court settlement.

Here is the link

isaac the k says:

you know...

what someone really should do is send out settlement letters to all the IP snooping groups.
After all, if they are downloading, they are also offering uploading connection and most assuredly have copyrighted materia on their computers.

All you need to do is target business IPs associated with those few companies and spam them with settlement letters threatening to subpoena their machines for hundreds of different copyrighted works and millions of dollars!

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