China Tries To Scrub The Internet Of All Information About Nobel Peace Prize Winner

from the god's-gift-to-china dept

The EFF points out that with Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese censors have sprung into action trying to block all mentions of or research on either Liu Xiaobo or the Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently doing searches on either term gives you no results — because I’m sure that’s convincing. Separately, it’s worth noting that Liu Xiaobo once declared “the internet is God’s gift to China.” And it’s ability to censor the internet is…?

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Comments on “China Tries To Scrub The Internet Of All Information About Nobel Peace Prize Winner”

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Josh in CharlotteNC (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

“Generally, the way proof works, is you have to prove that something IS not prove that something ISN’T. Giant purple dancing unicorn-bears are not accepted to exist until someone provides evidence they do not.”

Generally speaking, that is correct. However, there are certain pieces of evidence that highly suggest there is no god or gods. One of the most convincing is that the average energy density of the universe is zero; in essence the universe started from nothing.

Additionally, you can take individual properties of a god and show that those properties are either logically impossible or do not match up with our observations of the universe.

About the only type of god you cannot definitively rule out is a ‘Cartesian demon’ – one that can control everything you can perceive (think being plugged into the Matrix without Neo to unplug you). But no one I know who believes in any form of god would accept a Cartesian demon as the god they believe in.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

God would have made the Universe a little better you see, but his project managers cut his deadline and budget by half. And when there was only one week left until the deadline, the whole scope of the project changed, so God just slapped something together so they could ship it: a lighting engine, a skybox, some landscapes and some actors.

He had to sacrifice half of his weekend, but eventually he called it “good” and told them to ship it. He certainly wasn’t going to waste his Sunday working on _that_ doomed project.

If anything went wrong, they could just restart the whole thing with the “Deluge” or “Flood” command. The “Miracle” commands could also be used to to perform some “local” changes (like the “Miracle revive [actorname], that revives actors).

Finally, they could drop the debug actor (called JC, because that’s the name of God’s cat) into the world to perform changes or tests from within the engine. Of course god warned them not to let JC wander around unsupervised. is AI was a little retarded you see: he would just start walking around, attracting a crowd and spurting out nonsense (mostly logs and debug messages…like anybody withing the simulation would care) and he would eventually find a way to get himself killed. A bug in the JC death code would revive him momentarily after a while, before the engine realized he has dead and proceeded to free it’s resources.

So, moral of the story: if you want software done right, don’t piss off your programmers and don’t go messing with the deadlines and feature requests one month before the project is due.

Allen (profile) says:

I lost all respect for the peace prize when they gave it to Obama before he’d had a chance to actually do something. The award has become a bitch to European politics. And right now the Europeans are terrified that cheap Chinese labour is going to effect their standard of living.

So they give the price to a Chinese activist/dissident. And China reacts predictably.

Radjin (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I totally agree. It used to really be something to see someone who had worked so hard finally receives a very big thanks. Giving the prize to Obama for something he might do cheapened the whole thing for everyone who has ever or will ever receive it.

It might have a good effect as suggested above, get more people in china to work around the sensors and demand better.

Rainbird says:

Re: Re:

Europeans are terrified that cheap chinese labour is going to effect their standard of living
Europe is not interested in cheap chinese labour because we no longer manufacture much. That would be more of a concern for the US. The biggest issue here is that the US have little or no influence in these prizes and that really grates doesn’t it?

Anonymous Coward says:

China needs to be banned. It’s human rights abuses are mounting and to even be associated with them is disgusting. Let them have their factories and their crap products. I want a choice and don’t want to buy Chinese products.

American retailers don’t give you a choice and that pisses me off. You hear me Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target: NO MORE Chinese goods. I even saw packaged food recently from China. They will poison everything.

China is only interested in one thing. Dominance. If you don’t think they are the enemy you are an idiot.

Even Nostradamus warned of the Yellow horde conquering Europe from one direction and Islam conquering Europe from the other. Both of them enemies of freedom.

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