UK ISPs Refusing To Hand Over Subscriber Data To Pre-Settlement Lawyers Due To ACS:Law Data Leaks

from the oh,-now-they-decide-this? dept

The fallout from the ACS:Law email leak continues. Law firm Gallant Macmillan, who only recently jumped into the pre-settlement shakedown game, went to court this week to seek the names of various people it wanted to send such letters to and UK ISPs BT and Plusnet — who had previously cooperated with such requests — refused to hand over the information, citing the privacy issues raised by the fact that ACS:Law did not properly store and privatize the information it received on subscribers. Of course, it’s a bit weak to wait until now to make this complaint. These ISPs should have been standing up for their users from the beginning. Still, better late than never.

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Comments on “UK ISPs Refusing To Hand Over Subscriber Data To Pre-Settlement Lawyers Due To ACS:Law Data Leaks”

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out_of_the_blue says:

We can hope that ISPs get badly burned.

But the obvious likely solution is to cut them in for a share of profits. I suppose it’s possible that the current scheme — accusation by IP address — will collapse, but I’m never hopeful when large amounts of money are available to bribe *everyone* in the process. So if it stalls, expect RIAA etc to put money in.

rabbit80 says:

Re: We can hope that ISPs get badly burned.

the music industry in general (with the exception of Ministry of Sound and a few others) are pretty much staying away from this extortion scheme. I guess they realised that mud sticks and that this was only ever going to fail.

Its been an interesting few weeks though – and hopefully will result in putting an end to these “Pay us or else” mass litigation campaigns. So far ACS:Law appears to have fallen, the Gallant Macmillan website is still down, the Ministry of Sound website is still down – people are now starting to take notice!

Hopefully BT / Plusnet have learnt their own lessons in this fiasco – BT are likely to get fined for breach of a court order as well as transmitting personal details unencrypted via email. BSkyB have somehow managed to keep extremely quiet through all of this – but have lost the trust and sympathy of thousands in the process. How much financial harm has / will it do them? Time will tell.

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