Once Again, Betting On Digital Music Sales Is A Mistake: Digital Music Sales Flat

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We’ve suggested in the past that the recording industry was fooling itself in betting on digital music sales as a serious way to replace its revenue stream. As we’ve pointed out just selling music is not a very good business, but still there’s been some fool’s gold in the fact that digital music sales have been growing. We warned a year and a half ago not to get too excited about this, and now Nielsen is reporting that digital music sales have stalled out and will be flat this year, rather than growing. None of this means that there isn’t money to be made or smart business models. In fact, we’re seeing that musicians are making more money than ever. It’s just that they’re doing it by relying on other business models beyond just selling music.

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Comments on “Once Again, Betting On Digital Music Sales Is A Mistake: Digital Music Sales Flat”

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Spaceman Spiff (profile) says:

Music - entertainment

Musicians that remember that they are primarily entertainers and provide the means to entertain their fans will continue to prosper. Those that think that “only the music matters” will likely fall to the wayside. My wife and I have many, many musician friends (oldtime, bluegrass, classical, etc) and those that understand this are making a good living doing what they love.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

“and now Nielsen is reporting that digital music sales have stalled out and will be flat this year, rather than growing.”

Yeah yeah .. and in the next year or so digital music sales will begin tanking. In 5-8 years ever major record label will have failed.

Mike, this is news how? I sent techdirt charts of this almost a year ago. They were included in the disruptive technology paper I sent also. Again how is this new?

stinger (profile) says:


The problem with the music business today quite franky is the same problem with the American Media…Us…the products and programs we buy ain’t shit,on televison and from music companies, its all about the capitalistic mono-ethnic point-of-view, not refective of America’s diversity or creativty. Still selling,manufacturing pre-colonial American ideals of the history by one monolithic minority group rather then reflecting the reality understood by the majority,why of course it is to munipulate,control opinions and values the worse part is its sold as entertainment and we buy it. Nobody cares either. Why do we need 30 shows with police themes on network TV/cable or music about just about made up adolesence feelings. Is it really profit? Or are we just a country consumed by materialism, sex and political dogma.. thats bull-shit packaged and sold to us as truth!….

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