Battle Of The Pod People: Apple & Sector Labs Heading To Court Over Pod Trademark

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A few years back, we noted Apple’s trademark overreach in trying to stop any electronic device with “pod” as part of its name. This is, of course, silly. However, most companies have ended up backing down. One is still fighting. Sector Labs, which is making a video projector called the Video Pod, is apparently ready and willing to go to court and fight Apple on this. As we pointed out back when Apple started going pod-crazy, it’s worth remembering that it was Apple’s lawyers who brought back the now popular moron in a hurry test in its trademark lawsuit against the Beatles’ Apple Corp. They might find themselves on the other end of that test fairly soon.

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Comments on “Battle Of The Pod People: Apple & Sector Labs Heading To Court Over Pod Trademark”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Apple stole or conned every bit of tech that has ever come out of the company. The only time they didn’t borrow from others was the original Apple Computer which was not a great machine. The only reason it did well at all was the geek factor and they gave away tons of them to schools. My kids were always happy to come home and use the PC we had. I programmed some Apple database stuff and it just crashed. Couldn’t make any money from it because of its memory flaws. The PC took over the market simply because it worked. Duh. Apple tried to steal it but Gates was too smart for him and wound up with Apples code. 2 thieves.

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