Lily Allen Said To Be Suing Apple Over Her Hacked Laptop… But Details Are Scarce And Hazy

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Reader technofear was the first of a few of you to send over variations on the story that Lily Allen is allegedly suing Apple to force the company to help her figure out who hacked into her laptop. At least that’s about all I can figure out from the various press reports. I’ve read about a dozen at this point, and all of them are incredibly vague. There’s a hacked laptop. There’s a request to Apple, which was refused, and then there was a “lawsuit.” While I’m not sure how UK law works on this topic, if it were in the US, it sounds more like a situation where she’s seeking someone’s IP address, and is filing for a subpoena (or something like it) to compel Apple to reveal certain information which may identify who was involved. That’s not quite “suing Apple,” but again, the details are vague. It’s also not clear what “hacked her laptop” means… or why Apple would have the details. Is there anyone out there who has actual details beyond the absolutely awful press reports?

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Comments on “Lily Allen Said To Be Suing Apple Over Her Hacked Laptop… But Details Are Scarce And Hazy”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:


…someone hacked her computer and posted infringing mixtapes to her blog, over which she was basically villified by the entire interwebz filled with people who just want everything for free and infringe on everything because they’re dirty smelly raporists.

Who did the hacking? I’m pretty sure it was Mike Masnick’s army of hackers, also known as MMAH, which, ironically, when pronounced phoenetically is the same half-retarded noise I make as my brain goes limp when listening to anything Lily has to say.

….this means something, I’m sure of it. I just can’t figure out what the hell it is….

crade (profile) says:

Probably that is all the information that anyone has. Lily claims her laptop is hacked, has no evidence, probably tried to go to the police with nothing but empty accusations, then called apple and wanted their tech support to magically unhack it, or pull evidence out of their magic hat to help her catch the perpetrator or the alledged hack, and got pissed when they told her she was off her rocker.

By the way, am I supposed to know who the hell this is?

interval (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

UK Pop Singer. Interesting suit considering she could actually hire a consultant or two to get her the same information Apple could provide. I guess she wanted Apple to provide her with free IT consulting. I don’t particularly care to line up with Apple on anything, but in this case were I Apple I’d probably have told her the same thing. Do people like her have any idea how the real world works?

Marcel de Jong (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Might she have been affected by the Twitter bug? And assumed she was the only one?

Allen seems very computer illiterate to me. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out she opened an email attachment of one of those “funny” emails, that happened to have a payload for the Mac in it.

And now she claims that she’s been hacked, and wants Apple to sort it all out, because, you know, Apple knows everything that happens to any Apple computer. Steve Jobs has a special Lily Allen screen that shows him what’s going on with her Mac.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: what?

Why even post a story about something you don’t have full grasp on?

Er. Many reasons.

(1) This is a discussion site, and as I’ve said countless times, I post about what’s out there in order to kick off a discussion and learn more. It’s quite common for me to ask folks if they know more. I’ve probably done it half a dozen times this week.

(2) This story is being reported widely (Google News shows hundreds of stories) and all of the reporting seems confused. And they all reported it without having much of a grasp on the subject. At least I pointed out where it doesn’t make sense and asked for people to fill in the blanks. The rest of the press just pretended they knew what was going on when they clearly did not.

/get off my rss feed.

Your choice, but if me asking questions makes you dump the RSS feed, well, good luck to you.

Rufus Boy says:

By By Lily Allan

This is soooooo funny. She clearly thinks she is “rich” and Apple will be intimidated. HA! What a joke. How much money is cash does Apple have these days? $52 Billion was it? No only will their team of high priced lawyers destroy her in court, they will counter sue, on the grounds that her making these claims, and the claims being reported all over the news services, is slander against Apple, and will create the impression in peoples minds that Apple is selling a product that: 1. Is easily hacked. and 2. Apple is unwilling to provide any assistance to people. When Apple is finished with he, she’ll be living in a caravan!!! HA!

Karl (profile) says:

The Sun?

It appears that every single story on this subject is using this article in The Sun as their only source.

That article’s total length is a mere four sentences.

And the last of those sentences was just the typical, snarky comment that British tabloids use as a “punch line” to the story.

So this is kind of like saying UFO’s are real, because the Weekly World News said so.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: The Sun?

Yeah, I came here to say this. When the article linked starts “According to The Sun”, you really should accept that facts will be thin on the ground…

For Americans, this is a newspaper that made its name with page 3 girls (topless girls, usually close to the age of consent in the same issues where they attack paedophiles) and bingo games. Think the New York Post with more boobs (and yes, it’s also a Murdoch product).

Journalism is not what you’ll find there, although it’s not quite as shamelessly tacky as the Daily Star or the Sunday Sport.

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