Canadian Recording Industry Claims That Canadian Copyright Proposal Is A $5k License To Infringe

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Michael Geist points us to an article about the state of Canada’s proposed copyright reform bill, C-32, which has significant problems in that it basically tries to export failed DMCA provisions to Canada, driven largely by US diplomatic pressure. However, with C-32, it seems that no one’s particularly happy with the entire bill. The article quotes the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) boss, Graham Henderson, complaining about the provisions that limit liability for non-commercial copying (while applauding most of the rest of the bill):

“Once this bill is passed, you could go online and steal every movie that’s ever made, every book, and every song, put them on your hard drive, admit liability, and write a $5,000 check. That would be the full extent of it — and it would be the first rights holder who would get all the money. Nobody else would get a cent. It’s close to saying that for people who want to steal stuff, there’s a compulsory license of $5,000.”

It’s difficult to think of a sentence that shows anyone more out of touch than that. Would anyone really want to pay $5,000 (not an insignificant sum by any means) for purely a non-commercial compulsory license? Whenever various compulsory licenses have been discussed, they’ve usually been in the range of $5/month or so. To pretend that anyone will just pay up $5,000 for non-commercial copying is just silly.

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Comments on “Canadian Recording Industry Claims That Canadian Copyright Proposal Is A $5k License To Infringe”

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Svante Jorgensen (profile) says:

Compared to now

I agree that the proposal is silly and don’t solve the real issues, but compared to recent infringement fines, it is not so much. Especially when you think about how small the chance of being caught is for private file sharers. And the chance would be even smaller if more people started to share, thinking “ah, its just $5k _if_ I get caught”.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Compared to now

Exactly. If he’s accurately characterizing the bill (big “if” as it’s hard to imagine who gets the single $5000 amount if you infringe numerous works), the deterrence is very minimal. Not only is the risk if caught minimal (yeah, $5,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s also not prohibitory even for someone making a relatively low income), but there is little chance you’ll ever have to pay that amount.

Simon says:

Songwriters Association of Canada President Eddie Schwartz feels the CMA’s biggest flaw is the failure to provide a new marketplace for creators.
“The problem continues to be that creators need a new business model going forward, and the bill doesn’t address that desperate need at this point,” says Schwartz.

This sense of entitlement also amazed me… basically they want to site back while the Government to legislates them a business model.

Michael Long (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Ditto. I already have roughly 4,000 songs in iTunes, many from iTunes and Amazon, but most from legally purchased CDs. At roughly $1 a song, that’s $4K even before we get to the 100 or so movies (purchased), 250 or so audiobooks (Audible), various TV seasons (iTunes), and so forth.

That’s easily $5K right there. So for the same amount I could have a disk with EVERYTHING???

Where do I sign up?

BruceLD says:


Umm…the CRIA makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I already steal everything and anything i want without paying an extra penny.

Oh and the levies that they collect on blank media are supposed to be collected to replace the lost royalties to artists, however no one from any levy collection agency has ever proven that any artist has ever received a dime. I will bet though that those that work for the collection agencies are paying themselves anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 a year including benefits such as use of a private jet and all expenses paid trips to luxury destinations all around the world.

Ordinary citizens like me can’t use the Access to Information Act because the levy collection agency is not a government body, so they can pretty much do whatever they want with their money…including lie and cheat about who is actually getting it. Though somehow I bet that they are not immune to corruption investigation, but the people that would investigate them would be those that they have placed in power in the first place.

This whole thing is just amazing, but pirates are slowly bleeding the life out of the puss-infected lying sacks of crap. I can’t wait til their system completely collapses so we can see true artistry explode and blossom freely–to quickly advance our culture exponentially. That’s when TRUE and REAL artistry will flourish–not with manufactured fake talent from fake artists.

Anonymous Coward says:

ya and if they cant prove they are paying its fraud right?

why hasn’t the RCMP been called out to raid them take the documents and see if they are paying and to whom then go see if those they say they are paying actually received any money. AND yes it is quite easy to trace money in canada.

want to puke.
GO look at the cbc technology and science section and you will see a ton of video game stuff and the spending of 286 million to give to hire 800 people ( 32000 $ each for ten years)

and what the hell is that doing in that section when a video game should be in the arts and entertainment section?

thats UM WHERE RETARDED hollywood people put there crap…..

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