Scammers Sending Out Notices Pretending To Be From HADOPI, Demanding Money For Infringement

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Earlier this year, we noted that scammers were copying the mass automated pre-settlement copyright infringement notices of law firms like ACS:Law and US Copyright Group, in order to get people to install malware on their computers. It appears that sort of effort is only expanding. With French President Sarkozy getting his wish for a three strikes law in France, the bureaucracy set up to deal with the resulting mess, Hadopi, is now trying to warn people around France that scammers have started sending out fake notices, pretending to be from Hadopi, demanding money for copyright infringement. Unfortunately, it’s yet another unintended consequence of bad legislation.

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Comments on “Scammers Sending Out Notices Pretending To Be From HADOPI, Demanding Money For Infringement”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Interesting...

What 401K?

There is no such a thing, even the government knows that.
The money supposedly collected in the citizens behalf was spend a long time ago, and they don’t have a clue as how they will pay them back.

Just wait and see congress pass legislation reducing payouts for retiree’s.

There is a very real possibility that people entering the job market place today will not be able to count on that retirement fund ever.

The government did what they do best, took the money and spend it all, and the public will have to foot the bill once again.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: The Silver Lining

The only way something will be done is if someone starts sending these mass notifications to high profile people with lots of money. Movie stars, politicians (Obama, senators, congressmen, etc…).

Of course the U.S. copyright group will never send these letters to such high profile people and if they accidentally do, upon discovering their mistake they will revoke the lawsuits to them. Someone else needs to and they need to pursue the lawsuit to its end. Any volunteers? Maybe the EFF can do it and they need to pick a district that they are most likely to win in (East Texas anyone? But that’s patents, where do people normally sue for copyright?).

Of course, once high profile people get these letters the laws will change in a way that stops people from sending these legal threats to high profile people without preventing the U.S. copyright group from sending them to everyone else, but at least doing all this will bring more attention to the issue which may, in the long run, help correct the problem one day.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: The Silver Lining

Also, think of all the money that these movie stars have, that money could become yours if you can get them to settle. Forget the U.S. copyright group and what they’re doing, they’re just sending these extortion letters to a bunch of people who can’t pay much. Now, these celebrities can actually pay higher extortion fees. Think about it for a second.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: hadopi not responsible for scammers

Some people will be scammers no matter what. If there is a system then someone will scam/game the system. Following your logic we should just get rid of all systems, that way we can just get rid of all of the scammers. From the point of view of the people that passed the law the copyright infringement is a bigger problem than any possible scam. If it was that easy to foresee all the potential problems with a system then the world would have perfect systems, but there are no perfect systems. I don’t agree with hadopi but someone scamming the system is not a great argument against it.

Ron Rezendes (profile) says:

I can't tell the difference - why pay anyone?

If the people can’t tell the difference between the legal and the illegal scammers then why would anyone pay anything, ever? Once in front of a judge, your defense is: “I can’t tell if I’m being scammed or not, but neither of these notices look legitimate to me so I kept my money rather than be the next unwitting victim.”

Anonymous coward says:

I can't tell the difference - can you tell the difference.

Here’s why none of this makes any sense to me. I can’t tell if my copying is infringing. Sometimes I pay for my media, like I have a subscription with, but even though I’m paying for it, I’m very suspicious that I’m not really paying the “right” companies, and that it’s illegal. But I can’t figure out any way to know for sure, until they’re taken down, I guess. Another site I love is – same thing, I’ve gotten thousands of songs there for about ten bucks total, can’t be right. Now, there are many bands that I’ve found that give their music away. But how do I know the site I got it from is their “official” site, or just some fan site?

If they’re going to take away my connection to my distant family, my kid’s connection to their teacher, our health sites (which have probably saved one life in our house alone), and sabotage my career, then I want A LIST of what sites are legal and what are not. A LIST of what movies, books and music are actually free. A LIST of what I can and cannot do with the software that came with my computer which I use, for example to rip all my music from grooveshark.

Is that asking for too much, do you think?

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