Bank Robber Outs Himself After He Fact Checks Local News Reports On His Crimes

from the times-not-to-fact-check dept

You know what they always say: when there’s a news article written about you, the facts are always wrong. Of course, in most cases, that’s bad, and the fact checking you try to do afterwards is a bit useless. However, in some cases, you would think it would be good. Such as if you were a bank robber, and they had the description about you all wrong. Unfortunately, vanity sometimes gets the better of some people, and apparently a bank robber in Germany contacted the press and the police to correct the “errors” in their reporting on the crime, noting that they got “his age, height, mode of escape and accent wrong.” Of course, emailing that info made it easy to track him down, and a few hours later he was in custody. Perhaps that’s the trick in capturing overly vain bank robbers. Just get them to do their own fact checking by inserting errors into the police reports…

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Comments on “Bank Robber Outs Himself After He Fact Checks Local News Reports On His Crimes”

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Bill Gates says:

My description was wrong

Hi, you got my information all wrong, my name is Bill Gates and this is my correct address and phone:
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-8300
Phone: 425-882-8080

Don’t you think that this could be exploited by a robber to break into a place, and use their computer and/or internet (wifi cracking) to incriminate someone else?

hmm, interesting!

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