NatWest Realizes It Screwed Up Sending Cease & Desist To Website Reviewing NatWest

from the nice-of-you-to-notice dept

UK bank NatWest apparently let its legal attack dogs off their leashes a bit prematurely recently, sending a nastygram cease & desist to a website that was merely reviewing different banks for students looking to open up bank accounts. This is the sort of thing that you might think NatWest would appreciate. Instead, it sent the C&D. Of course, once the press started asking questions, it appears that NatWest realized that perhaps it had made a mistake, and withdrew the legal request. Perhaps, in the future, they’ll think before sending in the lawyers.

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Comments on “NatWest Realizes It Screwed Up Sending Cease & Desist To Website Reviewing NatWest”

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BruceLD says:


No doubt the lawyers were acting on their own volition. They saw some a great opportunity to make themselves seem useful to the corporation, so they decided to do things on their own.

Naturally they also sent their fee requisition to the bank and of course they got paid.

In the end, the bank lost money to their lawyers, pissed off their customers and the public and are left to deal with the crap. In the meantime, the lawyers just deposited their big fat pay cheques in to their bank accounts.


Ima Fish (profile) says:

Mike, I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the so called apology letter from NatWest.

I have examined your website and agree that you are not deliberately trying to deceive our customers

So the email says that the review was deceiving NatWest’s customers, but that the deception was not done deliberately. Which is complete BS. How could anyone read a review of different banks and think that the review was actually written by one of the banks reviewed?! That makes no sense. Clearly, there was no deception or market confusion at all. Why wouldn’t NatWest admit that obvious fact?

DH's Love Child (profile) says:

Seems to me...

That the site should just take this bank from their reviews. Don’t mention them at all. The bank wanted a C&D, then let them have it. Make it a point to never let college students know of their existence so that when they graduate and need to choose a bank for their adult lifetime, they won’t even consider this bank. That’s what the bank wanted when they send the C&D, right?

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