AT&T Sued For Revealing Police Chief's Phone Records To Jealous Wife

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A few months back, we wrote about a Canadian woman suing her mobile phone provider, Rogers, for automatically consolidating household bills, which revealed to her husband an affair she was having and coordinating via her mobile phone (which had been under her own account). Broadband Reports points us to a similar story of a police chief in Pennsylvania who is suing AT&T for revealing his phone call records to his wife. She apparently got upset that he was talking to an ex-girlfriend. The police chief claims his calls were about a criminal investigation, but when his wife asked about the calls, he denied ever contacting his ex-girlfriend. But then his wife got more upset about him lying, because AT&T had already revealed his call records to her. She wasn’t named on the account, so AT&T sharing the information seems pretty bad. And, from the few details shared, it sounds like he’s actually accusing AT&T of going further than just providing his phone records: apparently “the [AT&T] representative conducted a number search on his records, in order for her to confirm her suspicions that he was communicating with this woman.” And she didn’t even have to send them a post-it note.

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Comments on “AT&T Sued For Revealing Police Chief's Phone Records To Jealous Wife”

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Anon Coward says:

Re: Re: It was his WIFE!

Actually with only a few exceptions once you are married both members of the couple are considered one legal entity.

If she actually proved that she was the cops wife, and if it was his personal (vs work) account. Then AT&T would be legally required to provide the same information to her as they did to the cop.

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