Lawyer For Mother Accused Of Killing Baby, Threatens Separate Lawsuit Over People Copying His Facebook Photos

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Ah, the perils of lawyers confused about the internet. Reader kb alerts us to the news of lawyer Jose Baez, who apparently has received plenty of attention for defending Casey Anthony, a mother who stands accused of killing her 2-year-old child. Apparently, some of the blogs that are reporting on the case pulled some photos from Baez’s Facebook profile and Photoshopped them to include in blog posts. Baez’s response is to threaten a lawsuit against those bloggers saying it’s copyright infringement, while pulling down all of his photos. As kb notes, it appears that this lawyer doesn’t seem to understand copyright law, fair use, Facebook’s privacy settings or the Streisand Effect in that this effort is only drawing that much more attention to the blog posts he’s upset about. Nice work.

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Comments on “Lawyer For Mother Accused Of Killing Baby, Threatens Separate Lawsuit Over People Copying His Facebook Photos”

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Deirdre (profile) says:

I guess that is the photoshopped picture below the statement in red print:

Disclaimer– exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S Conclusions, comments or CONTENT, in whole or in part, without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Onionesque this time, had to. Photo below is a combination of parody and actual images, posted publicly, without copyright or instruction to not ‘reproduce.'”

rabbit says:

You know, I’ve been wondering about this.

I am not a facebook user but I do live in an area where we have a certain tv station that believes if they say facebook at least 50 times in every 60 seconds of a “news” broadcast, they will suddenly become relevant. Every morning this week, for almost every news story, they have been plastering pictures they claim come from facebook. They even revived a “news item” from last month so that they could show us new pictures they found on facebook. ???

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