One Way To Deal With A Cease & Desist: Wicked Lasers Auctioning Off LucasFilm C&D

from the will-they-get-a-C&D-for-that-too? dept

We recently wrote about the cease & desist letter that LucasFilm sent Wicked Lasers for making a laser that various blogs (not Wicked Lasers itself) compared to a light saber. Wicked Lasers has apparently responded by doing the only reasonable thing: it’s auctioning the cease & desist off on eBay. You can bid on it here. How nice would it be if it became a trend to auction off bogus cease and desist letters?

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Comments on “One Way To Deal With A Cease & Desist: Wicked Lasers Auctioning Off LucasFilm C&D”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Bids

It’s actually a smart market incentive to make money off of these letters and discourage companies from sending such bogus letters. Now where is my C&D letter dang it. I want a C&D letter now.

I can imagine all sorts of scams though. One company secretly works with another company in the background and sends a C&D letter, the recipient sells it, and they split the profits.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Bids

and it’s good because people won’t be as discouraged about participating in non infringing activities under the threat of receiving bogus C&D letters. If they receive a bogus C&D letter it’s a chance to make money and have the lawsuit dropped. At least it’s incentive to participate in non infringing material, incentive that counters the incentive not to under the threat of receiving a bogus DMCA takedown. but I don’t really think it’ll work.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Now I wonder if the author of the C&D letter can claim copyright over the C&D letter.”

they can claim copyright so no one can make an exact copy but it doesnt stop wicked lasers getting over $600 for something which they got for free and which probably cost LucasFilm more than $600 in lawyers fee’s and a little bit of bad press.

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