Canadian Heritage Minister Says That Those In Favor Of Balanced Copyright Are 'Radical Extremists'

from the actually,-that-sounds-extreme dept

Anshar alerts us to the news that the driving force behind Canada’s new copyright bill, Heritage Minister James Moore, at a Chamber of Commerce event, apparently claimed that those who are opposed to Canada’s attempt to put in place a version of the DMCA are just a group of “radical extremists.” Really? So, people who just want to make sure that copyright law doesn’t lock up culture and harm creativity are “radical extremists”? How does he figure that? Meanwhile, in response to this, Michael Geist has started putting together a list of these “radical extremists” who appear to be just about everywhere, including littered throughout all of the major political parties, and appears to include such “radicals” as the Canadian Library Association and the Canadian Bookseller Association (radicals! all of them!). I guess since Moore doesn’t appear to want to have to actually defend the more worrisome parts of the legislation (mainly the “digital locks” anti-circumvention provisions) he figures the next best thing is to demonize people who actually care about consumer rights.

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Comments on “Canadian Heritage Minister Says That Those In Favor Of Balanced Copyright Are 'Radical Extremists'”

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crade (profile) says:

It’s strange because Tony Clement and James Moore hosted the copyright consultations together (which the result was quite strongly opposed to legal protection of TPMs)
and Clement just had a completely rational interview on Jesse’s Search Engine saying how he completely understands where the other side of the issue is comming from.

Now Moore says those who dissagree with him are radical extremists (plus more in the full video speech

… wtf?

Anshar (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I think it bears pointing out that Moore and Clement had differing viewpoints on copyright reform. Then they received a directive from the Prime Minister.

Moore got his way on copyright, Clement got very quiet about his perspective and began towing the party line and all of a sudden, Clement’s riding is virtually swimming in government money.

Apparently, lobbying fairies (and leprechauns) come from the magical land of the Prime Minister’s Office where the king’s word is law and money grows on trees (which grow beside fake lakes).

Art (profile) says:

Re: One up them

“People who want to put in place DMCA are child molesters”

Some of them probably are. In fact, if I go through the list of registered sex offenders, I bet I could find multiple child molesters who support the DMCA. Therefore, I think that we should ban people from publishing/reporting comments by DMCA supporters, and then file a mass suit against the media if they try to pull that “First Amendment” $#!& on us.


DIDNT CSIS at cbc say something interesting

Something about civil servants on take to foreign govts like i dunno industry minister tony clement and all the conservatives.

So the 6-8 million people whom download a day ( i just did what the riaa does and made up a number WOOT as proof)
are terrorists , bad move buddy
YOUR gong to really start losing that under 40 vote
with your govts approving of the hst as well
thats right punish time for liberals and conservatives.
vote ndp or green

barney rumble says:

LETS get a website going where we can add our selves to the list

RAWR why am i not on the lsit guess im not radical enough and if i were anyone on giests lists id be suing for slander and defamation of character

ITS pretty mean and bad thing to say about someone calling them a terrorist or radical extremist when they are not.

seriously i have good very good understanding and now that the govt has told all of us publically that is the critera for defamation and slander


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