Why Are Supporters Of Canadian DMCA Against Original Thought In Writing In Support Of The Bill?

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You may recall that, earlier this year, as part of the entertainment industry’s media campaign leading up to the introduction of the new Canadian DMCA, a report was put out that tried to discredit the massive public outcry against any sort of DMCA-like legislation. Part of that report mocked the fact that many of the submissions came via an online system with suggested text that was editable. It also mocked the fact that the system could be gamed (though, the details showed that gaming that system actually wasn’t that easy). Of course, now that the industry is trying to drum up some appearance of public support for the bill… it seems that they’re going even further than what they accused the other side of doing.

Michael Geist notes that the fake, RIAA-backed “grassroots” site called BalancedCopyrightforCanada.ca now has its own letter-generating system, and unlike the one that the industry folks mocked, this one doesn’t even let you edit it. You have to send the letter exactly as it’s written by the industry folks behind the site.

This is pretty ironic: this is a site supposedly in favor of encouraging greater creativity through copyright, and yet it allows no creativity or original thought at all in writing to your elected official about the law. On top of that, similar to the claims that the original letter writing campaign could have been “gamed” by Americans or others, Geist notes that “the site has already been subject to gaming from non-Canadians as a random search of members turned up at least one U.S. based record company executive with Warner Music.” So apparently for all the “complaints” the recording industry folks had against the way actual citizens responded to requests for comments on copyright law in Canada, they’ll set up the same systems taken to an even greater extreme.

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Comments on “Why Are Supporters Of Canadian DMCA Against Original Thought In Writing In Support Of The Bill?”

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jakerome (profile) says:

They want to ban the internet!!! ElevEnTY!!!!

This bit is particularly egregious, “In the absence of clear rules, Canadian consumers lack a clear signal that downloading digital products from the Internet without payment is not allowed.”

Does does this alleged coalition want to outlaw iTunes software, Firefox, Windows updates, photo sharing sites & YouTube? Bizarre.

/exclamation point

Ben in TX (profile) says:

They're terrified

They’re afraid that intelligent, well-educated people will go sign up to send their letter, take out all the canned bullshit they prepared and edit it to say things like “hey this letter is canned BS from the CRIAA (or whoever)” and do some damage to their ‘grassroots’ (LOLOLOLOL) campaign.

I doubt the interns at the Canadian legislature (Parliament? I am unfortunately ignorant about Canadian government setup) actually read all those letters word-for-word anyway, but it just shows you that the industry groups who support the CA-DMCA are well aware that the arguments against the bill are logical and sensible, while the arguments in favor of the proposed law are anything but sensible, fair, or reasonable.

Uncreative says:

I liked the letter writer

I found the template letter writer calling for reform to Canadian DMCA while I was on isohunt about a month ago. I don’t think I would have ever taken the time to write my MP without it. I even personalized it a little with my thoughts on ACTA.

I’d like to thank whoever published the tool. At least I feel heard, even though the cookie cutter response from Tony Clement let me know that they didn’t care.

Here’s the response i got:

“Thank you for your correspondence regarding copyright policy.

We are pleased to inform you that the Government of Canada has introduced
legislation to modernize the Copyright Act, bringing it up to date with
the advances of the digital age.

This legislation will bring Canada in line with international standards
and promote homegrown innovation and creativity. It is a fair, balanced,
and common-sense approach, respecting both the rights of creators and the
interests of consumers in a modern marketplace. The federal government is
working to secure Canada’s place in the digital economy and to promote a
more prosperous and competitive country.

The popularity of Web 2.0, social media, and new technologies such as MP3
players and digital books have changed the way Canadians create and make
use of copyrighted material. This bill recognizes the many new ways in
which teachers, students, artists, software companies, consumers,
families, copyright owners and many others use technology. It gives
creators and copyright owners the tools to protect their work and grow
their business models. It provides clearer rules that will enable all
Canadians to fully participate in the digital economy, now and in the

For more information, please visit http://www.balancedcopyright.gc.ca.


Tony Clement
Minister of Industry

James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage
and Official Languages”

Anonymous Coward says:

“this is a site supposedly in favor of encouraging greater creativity through copyright, and yet it allows no creativity or original thought at all in writing to your elected official about the law” – do you actually think this stops people from voicing their own opinion? do you think somehow this magically stops people from being able to write their own letters?

holy crap mike, are you that desperate? i think the anti-copyright flock are beginning the feel the heat on the feet as reality starts to catch up.

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