Anti-Piracy Campaign Shows You 'Killing' Look Alike Pop Stars

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There have been some really ridiculous “anti-piracy” campaigns out there, but this one is really quite impressive. TorrentFreak has the details on a site, called, that pretends to be a site for downloading unauthorized music. However, when you actually do go to download it, instead you get to play a little flash game where you get to “kill” look alike pop stars on the cover of their albums. Of course, the pop-stars aren’t just lookalikes, but name-alikes, too. So, it’s Any Winehouse, instead of Amy. It’s Madownload, instead of Madonna. It’s Biur, instead of Blur. Copy Play instead of Cold Play Moby’s “Play” album… etc. If this really is some sort of anti-piracy campaign, they’re doing it wrong. As multiple people are pointing out, they’ve made the whole thing so silly and ridiculous that’s it’s kind of fun to play. It’s really quite incredible how tone deaf various “anti-piracy” campaigns have been to what consumers are actually thinking.

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Comments on “Anti-Piracy Campaign Shows You 'Killing' Look Alike Pop Stars”

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Mayor Milobar (profile) says:

So let me get this straight...

They made a game that allows me to pretend to kill pop stars and it’s supposed to show me why downloading music is wrong? So does that mean they are suggesting that illegally downloading her music is going to kill Amy Winehouse? I’ve never downloaded one of her songs before, but now I really want to.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: So let me get this straight...

They’re heads are covered in plastic. Probably the bullet proof kind.

I’d say aim for the chests, but those are probably the silicone on the women will probably act as shielding.

Aiming for the stomach might work…but my aim isn’t the greatest, and hitting things that thin has always been tough.

You know, this might be more difficult than I thought. We might need the big guns.


KILL eh?

so these artists are hooked upto massive electric shook beds and when i kill one it really dies

one can only hope the morons of the world realize that all you have to do is look what popular shows ALWAYS USE cops and fbi as heroes

im sick of that, its so far from the truth that its not funny any more.

and you do realize that tin foil hats actually enhance govt waves to your brain n thus control…..

Anonymous Coward says:

I’d be willing to put money on this being a promotional gimmick for the magazine, rather than an actual anti-piracy campaign.

The idea of a *Chinese* music magazine starting an anti-piracy campaign in the first place is amusing enough as it is, but add on to that the fact that all the artists in that site are (supposed to be) western (white stripes, blur, gorillaz, madonna, amy winehouse etc…) sets off some weird signals in my head.

Brian (profile) says:

Re: if it sounds too good to be true...

What the hell are you talking about?!?! Giving customers what THEY want, nonsense! You sir are the downfall of the industry and your thoughts are currently costing them an estimated 342 TRILLION dollars a year! Music is all about the money and demanding that people pay you because you exist, nothing more. 😀

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: if it sounds too good to be true...

“Does anyone think think it is that easy to get free music?”

Actually, it is – fire up your Limewire clone or Pirate Bay-style website, search, click, download, listen. Thanks to regional restrictions, artificial scarcity and release windowing, it’s often easier to get a free “pirate” copy than it is to download the real thing by paying for it.

“This kind of stuff would not even be an issue if the music industry sold what people actually want to buy at a reasonable price.”


Wolfy says:

In spite of the tremendous job this and other sites like it are doing, the mind-set of the adult population has already changed from “it’s ok to share your album” to “you should go to prison for file sharing.” Quite a leap.

We have a population in the US very conditioned to believe what they hear most repeated in the media. Since it’s media companies that are pushing these restrictions, it was easy for them to accomplish the change in the mind-set.

Technopolitical (profile) says:

There have been some really ridiculous "anti-piracy" campaigns out there, but this one is really quite impressive.

MIKE :”There have been some really ridiculous “anti-piracy” campaigns out there, but this one is really quite impressive.”

ME : glad your impressed. But on “copyrights and Artists” , you Mike ,, are also “bewildered” ,, “out of sync with society as a whole”,, “strangely ignorant of human history and philosophy on the matter”,,, and “just plain nuts! !!”.

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