Australian Censorship Boss Has His 'Series Of Tubes' Moment

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A few years back, you may remember, that former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens got a lot of attention for his infamous description of the internet as “a series of tubes,” as part of a longer talk that repeatedly highlights that he didn’t quite understand what he was regulating:

Given the number of folks in Australia who have been submitting this video of Australian Minister for Broadband, Stephen Conroy (the guy who wants to censor the internet in Australia), it appears that many down under feel that Conroy has had his “series of tubes” moment by talking about how computer users are getting “infected by these spams, or scams, that come through, the portal”
To be fair, in both cases, these politicians are extremely inarticulate in trying to make their point. Everyone has those moments. However, it does seem like this “spams or scams through the portal” quote is starting to go viral. When it comes to politicians who are supposed to be regulating the internet, you would think they’d sound a bit more prepared for not sounding like they have no idea what they’re talking about.

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Comments on “Australian Censorship Boss Has His 'Series Of Tubes' Moment”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Easier this way

In business it is so much easier to supervise something if you are clueless about the subject. If you are lucky you can make a few big, flashy changes that impress your superiors (who are also clueless of course). Hopefully you have a few people working for you who can help you paper over the disasters. This can’t go ion forever, but it can go on long enough for you to get promoted out of the job before all the wheels come off. Repeat the process and you will be successful in modern corporate structure where only the short term matters.

It’s probably the same thing when it comes to being a regulater.

An Australian.. says:

A Portals not a Portal.


Let see, Last I heard portal, a good 12 years ago, in relation to computer tech, it was a reference to a computer screen, I don’t particularly remember it in reference to the net at all…
Similarly, you can’t be infected by spam.. or scams.. thats silly. thats like saying youve been infected by mail, and a bad car dealer..

The guy is an idiot. and I love that quote.. It’s going to last longer than he does.

So Portal, not a turn of phrase, here atleast. I think he just honestly believes that the internet is magic, and that we can use other magics to control the all powerful net magics, and that knowledge flows through these channels of power, and comes out of the network and into your computer, to be interpreted, and is then displayed on it’s magical viewing portal..

matrix says:

Nuclear intelligence

yes folks we must NUKE intelligence now before they gets any smarter and realize all the peeps running stuff are just one big bunch a crooks

we has to filter the truth now
go hurry it dont matter who you p[ut doing it GET IT DONE QUICKLY before more smarties become blue…dont eat BLUE eat teh red pill er smarty

Ash Crill (profile) says:

Conroy claims Googlecould have 'hoovered' bank details

This is all over the news in Australia today. His latest comment is ridiculous and makes him sound even more ill-informed:

“(If) you were doing a banking transaction, or transmitting personal information, they could have hoovered it up, sucked it up into their machine,” he told ABC TV yesterday.”

BBT says:

Sometimes I try to imagine just how the average non-technical person sees the internet and computers. Usually it gets triggered by comments like this, or watching “24”. “24” always has computer shit be so essential to the plot but it’s always the craziest stuff. The way the internet is portrayed on 24 makes me think of some crazy dreamworld like the mages go to in Dragon Age, combined with the streaming numbers of The Matrix.

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