As Google Hands Over Collected WiFi Data In Germany, France And Spain, Ireland Tells Google To Destroy It

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We recently covered how the data that Google collected via its Street View WiFi efforts was caught in this weird legal limbo, between privacy laws, data retention laws and rules about destroying evidence. However, it looks like that’s getting settled… but in very different ways in different countries. Somehow, Google has worked out a way to hand over the data in Germany, France and Spain… but over in Ireland, Google has been ordered to destroy the data. Not quite sure how this squares with the privacy laws in Germany, France and Spain… but hopefully we’ll find out that the data collected by this system was mostly meaningless and we can get over the hype surrounding this whole thing.

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Comments on “As Google Hands Over Collected WiFi Data In Germany, France And Spain, Ireland Tells Google To Destroy It”

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R.H. (profile) says:

Ireland has it right

Ireland has the right idea here. If this data is so private then it shouldn’t be handed to the government, it should be deleted with just enough oversight to make sure that there are no backups of it anywhere. If it’s not private then what’s the big deal? Don’t bother Google about it let them do as they please.

Now, I personally believe that they probably shouldn’t have been network sniffing even on open networks. However, I don’t believe that someone doing the equivalent of taking pictures through my window when I failed to close the drapes is doing anything illegal.

Trav says:


Hmm Germany and the like want the Data? why do they want it? If it was illegally collected and a piracy concern, would not the government be just as guilty in receiving it? Did they ask Google to destroy their version when they hand the data over?

Ireland has the right idea, all these other governments I am extremely suspicious of why they want the data, rather then it been destroyed.

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