China Blasts Bogus US Report On China's IP Policies… As US & China Seek New IP Agreement

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It seems the left hand doesn’t always know what the right hand is doing on the diplomatic front, apparently. Late last week, the US and Chinese patent offices signed an agreement promising cooperation, including sharing information and best practices between the two. At the same time, however, it appears the Chinese government is pretty steamed about being included in the USTR’s silly special 301 report (which is basically mocked by everyone outside of the the USTR and the entertainment or pharma industries). To make matters worse, last week’s announcement by a group of elected officials in Congress under the banner of the “anti-piracy caucus,” which blamed China for not stopping file sharing on Baidu, seems to have pushed gov’t officials over the edge. China is pissed off and accusing the USTR of blatant lies:

“The involved U.S. Congress members should respect the fact and stop making groundless accusations against China.”

While it’s difficult to take the word of Chinese officials on this matter seriously, we again have to wonder if US politicians (and industry reps) have any idea what they’re setting themselves up for. As we noted recently, under pressure from US companies and politicians, China has begun cracking down on infringement, but has done so almost exclusively against foreign companies. Ticking off China even more on this issue doesn’t seem like a particularly wise strategy.

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Comments on “China Blasts Bogus US Report On China's IP Policies… As US & China Seek New IP Agreement”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

it is hard to explain without doing a whole deal on chinese politics and structure, but lets just say that there are entire departments of the chinese government whos only job it is to put down, deny, and question reports that look bad against the government. that the agreement was signed out of sync with the 301 report only means that department a and department b have likely not discussed the implications or decided on future responses to the incredibly biased reports such as the special 301 report. the chinese government isnt exactly the monolith that many try to make it out to be, it is still a huge collection of moving parts that dont all move at the same speed and dont all talk to each other every day.


What does IP do for your country

This is perhaps the angle china might take and id say good for them.

IF all this IP crap does is benefit the UK and USA then its going to be a hard sell in any Country to citizens

and the bribery and treason in the back ground making it happen has to stop.

I do not go to the usa and peddle your politics but perhaps we should all be collectively forcing the usa to elect different leaders. This way you Americans can get a truer sense of the Lack of democracy you are facilitating


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