China Decides Photocopiers Are Evil; At Least If They're In Tibet

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It’s widely known that China tries to widely censor political dissent online, but modern technology makes it possible to communicate widely not just on the internet. And, so, it appears that China is also looking to plug the “analog hole” in its Great Firewall — at least in Tibet. The gov’t is so concerned about photocopier machines, that printing and copy shops in Tibet will be required to take down detailed identifying information from everyone who uses the shops.

The authorities in Tibet apparently see printing and photocopying shops as potential channels through which unrest can spread. One Chinese print shop operator in Lhasa, who is of the majority Han ethnicity rather than Tibetan, said that her husband had been summoned to a meeting last week on the new requirements.

“You know sometimes people print documents in the Tibetan language, which we don’t understand,” said the woman, who gave her last name as Wu. “These might be illegal pamphlets.”

While some suggest that China’s censorship efforts are working well, when you get down to the level of trying to prevent people from making photocopies, it makes you wonder just how desperate the government is getting in trying to prevent any kind of speech it doesn’t want… and reinforces just how impossible a task it is to censor people in this manner.

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Comments on “China Decides Photocopiers Are Evil; At Least If They're In Tibet”

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Amdo Tibet (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The difference is that China is declaring all Tibetans to be “suspected terrorists.” This new photocopying “rule” (if you can call it that) applies *only* in Tibet.

Let’s say NSA required all web searches by black Americans to be turned over – that would be closer to an equivalent.

This is government-sponsored racism, worsening daily. How soon before Tibetans have to wear armbands identifying them as Tibetan? How soon until the PLA throws up its version of the Warsaw ghetto in Lhasa? At what point does the world scream, “Stop!”?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

and should everyone who buys a kitchen knife be required to register with the government first or for each seller to keep records of who buys what knives? Or who buys a propane tank? That would seem to make more sense than requiring everyone who makes a copy of something to be required to keep records.

Anonymous Coward says:

It’s written in the law that publishing companies can’t print things that violates certain terms in law, and photocopying is just a form of printing.

I’m fairly certain that Chinese government also excert tight and strict control on those fast and/or high capacity printing/photocopying machines for a long time.

IMO there’s nothing really special about that.

Confucius (profile) says:

Chinese censorship.

The handwriting is on the wall, folks. Chinese (Communism, socialism, Marxist-Leninism, call it what you will) is doomed.

The next step will be similar to the SS flying squads who roamed the streets of Berlin in April, 1945, hanging their own soldiers from lamp posts for desertion or cowardice, real or imagined.

And now you have the rise of a very restless Chinese middle class. Plus a gigantic army

It’s gonna get real ugly, real soon over there, and nobody will be ready for it.

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