UK Regulator Says Digital Economy Act Only Applies To Big Wireline ISPs

from the small-ISPs-about-to-get-bigger dept

UK’s telco regulator Ofcom has apparently decided that the Digital Economy Act’s provisions on suspending accounts of those accused of file sharing will only apply to wireline ISPs who have 400,000+ customers. I would imagine that this might create a bit of a boom in business for smaller ISPs — though, that could be self-defeating if too many customers switch and push any particular smaller ISP over that 400,000 mark…

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Comments on “UK Regulator Says Digital Economy Act Only Applies To Big Wireline ISPs”

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Rick says:

Join ISP 1a

ISP 1a is a non DEA participating ISP who won’t kick you offline for using the internet. We are capping our subscribers at 399k persons. After which we will direct you to our partner ISP named ISP 1b. ISP 1b is also a non DEA ISP with similar caps, but rest assured their partner, ISP 1c, is ready to serve you once their cap is met…

(rinse repeat)

Have a nice day.

(anyone else amused the initials for the act are DEA? lol)

Richard (profile) says:

Re: Re: Join ISP 1a

With a bit of luck we might get it repealed by the new government – see:

“Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is to pledge the “biggest shake-up of our democracy” in 178 years as he expands on plans for political reform.

The Tory-Lib Dem coalition backs plans for fixed-term parliaments, more elected peers and a referendum on changing the voting system.

Mr Clegg will pledge to restore faith in politics in a speech on Wednesday.

The Lib Dem leader is also expected to call on the public to nominate laws they think should be repealed.

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