F5 Doesn't Like A10's Name — But Sues Over Patents, Not Trademarks

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johnjac points out that it’s a bit odd that, in the middle of a patent lawsuit, data center provider F5 Networks complains that competitor A10 Networks name itself is an attempt to copy F5. Who knows whether the patent questions are legitimate, but names have nothing to do with patents, and it seems like a pretty big stretch for F5 to claim that a company that combines a letter and a number is automatically doing so “as a play, or allusion to, F5’s corporate name.” And, even if it were true, how would that matter if the discussion is over patents, not trademarks?

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Comments on “F5 Doesn't Like A10's Name — But Sues Over Patents, Not Trademarks”

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Matt says:

F5 makes load balancing hardware/software, among other security-related networking gear, and is not a datacenter provider. A10 also makes load balancing hardware/software, and from what I heard, their products were made by a few ex-F5 employees – so F5 probably has some legitimate reasons to go after A10 on patent infringement grounds.

As far as the name thing goes – both are pretty lame names, if you ask me…. Certainly not worth a lawsuit alone.

Anonymous Coward says:

F5 should be far more worried about its ability to compete with A10. I’ve used both and I’ll choose A10 given the opportunity to choose, their support is far more responsive/cooperative. The licensing is not convoluted and frustrating, and the devices are every bit as capable. I suspect that this is just an attempt to hamstring them in court because F5 aren’t competing well in the marketplace.

William C Bonner (profile) says:

funny history on the names.

When I think of the F5 name, I think of an F5 storm, rated on the fujita scale. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujita_scale)

When I think of the A10 name, I think of A10 Tank Killer, showing my age, and remembering a game from 1991 featuring the A10 Thunderbolt military aircraft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-10_Tank_Killer

kno1unkno says:


well if f5 is having a hard time competing with them, then how is f5 closing on a billion dollar a year run rate and still growing every qtr. A10 hardware is garbage, i can build it and A10 is still small enough to give the mom and pop hand holding that some companies need. As A10 grows the support will change and so will the hand holding. A10 is a copy cat product of brocade and they just fired a vp of sales who left f5 for bringing F5s database to A10…wow what a great company, steals code and data bases. Learn about whats actually going on and then comment.

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