Infosys Seeks U.S. Patent On Offshoring U.S. Jobs

from the will-that-exclude-others? dept

theodp writes “It’s interesting to see that famed offshoring firm Infosys is now seeking U.S. patent protection for its Framework for Supporting Transition of One or More Applications of an Organization, which Infosys explains ‘relates generally to the field of outsourcing or offshoring of one or more applications of an organization.’ Prior to this invention, Infosys says it was necessary for a vendor organization to incur hefty visa and travel costs to allow a ‘significant number’ of employees from its offshore location to ‘visit the client’s location to interact with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)’ before returning ‘to the offshore location to transfer the knowledge to the offshore team.”

Funny. Wasn’t it just a year ago that IBM was pressured to abandon its patent application on offshoring?

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Comments on “Infosys Seeks U.S. Patent On Offshoring U.S. Jobs”

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Bhaktha says:

Idiocity check before filing

Isn’t there somebody in the corporate world (in this case IBM and InfoSys) who does cursory checking on the patents that are being filed ? How the heck in the world can you patent outsourcing when there are a million companies here in Bangalore exactly doing that ? Companies do spend significant amount of resources for filing a patent app (I know this for sure, I have a few patents awarded while working for large companies), thought there there would be some basic sort of filtering, especially from someone like InfoSys. I did read the patent application, this is an absolute shame.

How about a fine by the USPTO for such sham patent apps ? Applications like this bring a bad name to the current patent system.

Ronald J. Willey says:

Never Met a Patent I didn't like

This patent deserves protection in order to promote the useful arts and sciences. You all know this to be true. Without such protection, this company and others like it would certainly disappear from the face of the earth, never to be seen again and the subsequent loss of their contribution to the useful arts and sciences would be all your fault.

Drooling on my own behalf

Gana says:

Not trying to defend but did you even read the patent completely “FRAMEWORK FOR SUPPORTING TRANSITION OF ONE OR MORE APPLICATIONS OF AN ORGANIZATION


A framework for supporting transition of one or more applications of an organization is provided. The one or more applications are transitioned from a first set of users to a second set of users. The framework includes a transition module, a knowledge capture module, a knowledge validation module, and a collaboration module. The transition module generates one or more transition plans based on information corresponding to the one or more applications. The knowledge capture module captures a plurality of knowledge elements corresponding to the one or more applications. The knowledge capture module further establishes association between the plurality of knowledge elements. The knowledge validation module validates the plurality of knowledge elements and their association. The collaboration module provides collaboration between the first set of users and the second set of users during the transition of the one or more applications. “

Infosys is trying to patent the methodology and not the offshoring itself!

George says:

Re: Re:

If it’s this simple, I’m going to create a couple of patents myself

Framework for taking food out of fringe efficiently: includes open module, withdraw module, place module and collaboration module.

1. Open module: Technique of using mechanical by either automated or biological processes or electrical force to move refridgerator (here to referred to as “food storage device to make it sound more complicated) door in open position.
2. Withdraw module: Combination of actions that lead to the withdrawal of object from food storage device.
3. Place module: Using gravitational, frictional forces along with laws of motion to place object from food storage device to open or closed area.
4. Collaboration consumption module: social or loner set of activities of consuming object from food storage device.

I’m just trying to patent the methodology and not the process itself!

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