New Positioning From Tourism Australia: We Have Lawyers And No Sense Of Humor

from the well-that-makes-me-want-to-visit dept

Reader B Pickel alerts us to the news that Tourism Australia recently launched a new tourism advertising campaign to try to attract people to Australia, using the slogan, “There’s nothing like Australia.” This campaign was launched following the disastrous “So where the bloody hell are you” campaign. Seriously. Of course, minutes after announcing the new campaign, someone went out and registered the domain, and started posting spoof versions of the campaign.

Now, if Tourism Australia had a sense of humor, they’d laugh it off, or maybe embrace it in some way. Instead, they’re sending out the lawyers:

TA is understood to have launched a legal hunt for the creator of the site, seeking for it to be taken down for using the logo from the campaign that is a registered trademark of TA.

Yes, and the message that sends to potential tourists? Go somewhere else where people actually have a sense of humor. Update: As noted in the comments, Tourism Australia has apparently come to its senses and decided not to pursue a legal strategy. But the fact that they even considered it is pretty telling…

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Comments on “New Positioning From Tourism Australia: We Have Lawyers And No Sense Of Humor”

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J.Smith says:

Welcome in Ozz

Ooooh man, we want you, we love you,??.


Visit Australia we will share the experience with all tourists?! We look after you! Your well fare is going to be looked after by millions of CCTV Cameras, hidden Speed Cameras, Hidden Parking cameras, red light Cameras, Taxi Cameras, hidden Cameras in rental vehicles, hidden cams here and hidden cams there !!!!
We are the safest country in the world. But take a look your self at film footage.
If you are missing former eastern Europe and heavy handed police tactics, then come to Australia.
Or listen to F1 Driver Mark Webber and his opinion about his own Country
So you say, You will not drive a car in Australia and then You will be safe!! Right?
Are you safe in Albany?
Are you safe in Melbourne
Are Australians racist?
Sure the Police will help you. Ay mate?
Come to Queensland to get bashed by police then but that is only a black man you said?????? OK, so you are white? You are of course better! Or maybe not! or this better? The Cops are the son?s and daughters of former criminals / convicts and are trained to be vicious dogs that can?t leave you alone and you never know when they will bite you.
But our ?fair dinkum Australians? are even better. Take a look at those comments on Indien students, who dared to protest after some racially motivated bashings of Indien Students

Do Not complain, Because they will tell you to leave; – they will tell you that you are Unwanted in Australia; – they will ridicule you; – they will make you look like a DICK. And if that doesn?t work they will create an Anglo Royal Commission, which will establish you as a comrade of Bin Laden or Moammar Ghaddafy to keep you from reoffending. Keep you ill informed, make you believe that you are doing yourself a favor dobbing in your best mate and calling him an Anti – Christ just because he doesn?t believe in the Bullshit that has been imposed on ALL of us 23 million Australians.
Including YOU!!!
Blatant, utter Bullshit is Justification to STEAL YOUR MONEY!
What?? You don?t believe me? I told you; ?You are welcome?!!!!!!!!!

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