Eddy Grant Accuses Gorillaz Of Copying After Gorillaz Manager Threatens People For Copying…

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So, the music press has been busy talking about the accusations from Eddy Grant that the band Gorillaz copied his old tune with one of their recent hits. You can compare the two songs here. There appear to be some similarities, but they’re pretty different songs:

The timing on this is a bit interesting. Gorillaz is a band from Damon Albarn, and just a couple months ago, the manager of Albarn’s musical acts (Blur, Gorillaz) was screaming about how he wanted to give “pirates” who leaked the Gorillaz album a “good kicking.” Perhaps he ought to stay away from Eddy Grant for a bit.

Of course, it’s a bit silly for Grant to be upset too. He wrote a song that was popular years ago, and now he wants free cash because some other band made a song that has some vague similarities?

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Comments on “Eddy Grant Accuses Gorillaz Of Copying After Gorillaz Manager Threatens People For Copying…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

There are only 7 notes (12 if you count the sharps and flats). There are only a finite number of ways you can arrange them in a song. There are even less ways to arrange them that sound pleasing to the ear. The chances of two people independently chancing on a similar arrangement without ever hearing the other’s work is therefore pretty good. Maybe this is just that, a coincidence…

Dave says:

Re: Re: Re:

Impressive worst song choices! I agree, Electric Avenue is abysmal, MacArthur Park is wretched, Yoko Ono is like dentist drilling. I’ll offer another selection: Seasons in the Sun.

Back briefly to the subject, wow, Eddy’s been hitting the spliffs pretty hard, I think… if that song is actionable, then the Satriani vs. Coldplay suit would be a guaranteed win for Satriani.

Hulser (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Electric Avenue is the worst “song” in history.

What makes this story doubly perplexing is that 95% of the people who even know who Eddie Grant is only know him for Electric Avenue and that isn’t even the song Gorillaz are being accused of copying. Doh!

Also, about the worst song in history comment. This reminds me of those VH1 “top worst songs” shows. The thing is, if they really found the worst songs, they’d be by no one anyone ever heard of. What these shows should really be called is “Let’s make fun of some videos that were popular at the time, but look silly in hind sight.”

herodotus (profile) says:

“That’s MY crappy forgettable pop son!”

“No, it’s MY crappy forgettable pop song!”

“I was writing crappy forgettable pop songs before you were born, punk!”

“So die already! YOUR kind of crappy forgettable pop song is already forgotten, whereas MY kind of crappy forgettable pop song is the wave of the soon to be forgotten future!”

And so on, and on…..

Hulser (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Even if they didn’t outright sample and manipulate the original synth riff, they can NOT not have known it sounded so similar.

So, you’re saying it’s not possible that The Gorillaz could be unaware that one of the trillion songs that have been recorded sounds roughly similar to their song? Rather than impossible, I think it’s almost certain.

It’s not like Gorillaz is some unknown band, they have the money to clear samples and/or give a writing credit to the guy : guilty.

But if you’re the person from Gorillaz who wrote this song and you’ve never even heard the Eddie Grant song, you wouldn’t even think to clear the sample of give writing credits because it wasn’t a sample and you wrote it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

It’s one of Derrick May’s favorite tunes ever.

It came out in the early EIGHTIES.

It’s been sampled dozens of times.

Environ/Balihu are basically built upon copying this tune over and over.

Gorillaz aren’t just some noobs who reinvented the wheel. They can’t NOT know this song.

PopeRatzo (profile) says:


Pop musicians accusing each other of copying is like ninjas accusing each other of being sneaky.

That’s what they do. Shut up already.

Gorrilaz makes some fun music, but for them to try to claim that their work is some sort of protected “intellectual property” is nonsense.

God, copyright is poison. It makes people sick and crazy.

Michial Thompson (user link) says:

I tried to listen

I can hear the similarities in the two songs, from the vocals (not words) to the beat to the notes, but doesn’t copyright require it to be “copied”

As someone pointed out there are only 12 notes, and a finite number of combinations that are tolerable to the ear, and take that times the number of instruments and you still have only a small number of combinations compared to the number of songs out there.

To me they both sound like any other song you would hear in a techno club, and to be honest they all sound alike to me so maybe he should be sueing everyone.

Video Production (user link) says:

Video Production

These days with sampling, remixes and covers it’s such a fine line between duplicating the same song to taking a part of it to create a new song. Technology in music despite its improvements has also brought with it its own array of issues. I’m not sure, which side of the fence I’m on with this, all I know is, is that it’s rather complicated!

StevenSegal (profile) says:

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