Conference Board Of Canada Releases New Report On Copyright That Isn't Just A Cut And Paste From US Lobbyists

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You may remember last year that the Conference Board of Canada (who, until then, was pretty well respected) released a report on “intellectual property policy” that was blatantly plagiarized from US copyright industry lobbyists. While the Conference Board at first insisted that it stood by the report, eventually it recalled three reports and admitted that they “did not follow the high quality research standards” of the organization. Many months later, it appears that the replacement report has been released, and it’s much more balanced. I still think there’s plenty in the report that doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s significantly better than the totally one-sided, blatantly plagiarized piece from last year.

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Comments on “Conference Board Of Canada Releases New Report On Copyright That Isn't Just A Cut And Paste From US Lobbyists”

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:) says:

About balances.

I like discussions but there needs to be public participation on the process too and this is why I shameslly will spam you guys now and I’m sorry for it.

The U.S. government is collecting public input.

Broadband discussion

Copyright discussion that happens every year so every year you citizen can complain too, don’t let only the industry complain.

Comments can be filed electronically via, docket number USTR-2010-0003. You have to include the term “2010 Special 301 Review” in the “Type Comment and Upload File” field. More information about the Special 301 process is available here. Deadline for filing is February 16 by 5 p.m.

Maybe that way the U.S. can see some “balance” in the proposals too.

ant anti mike says:


it was leaked that they were used to through everyone off while ACTA moved forward and as geist says that ACTA will require changes to canuck law , although that does require parliament and both liberals and conservatives have both tried to do dmca style laws this bodes badly aand unless iggy wants harper to keep ruling after prorogation and go full term

then get his numbers lessened and also them conservatives want to see the NDP massively grow across canada
then i suggest iggy grow some balls and use that harvard brain and realize that ACTA also is not good for canad and join the rest of the world and oppose it

a majority of the house would force the agreement open.
i ferget her name but that one member of the PQ is slanted ironically to hollywood bills too so you can count out the beloved PQ they will SARKOZY YOU.

and where is the investigation by the rcmp fraud squad into where the money is going for the cdr levy like i dunno where 450-500 million went ? where is the artists money going ?

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Conference Board Of Canada

Spam is getting fairly sophisticated these days isn’t it? It’s an account, with an almost real name. A comment with an almost relevant title, and some content that almost sounds like it’s related to the post. Hell this probably would have passed a cursory glance from a human filter.

Yeah. His comments and account have been deleted. But, yeah, that was pretty sophisticated spam.

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