Google Routes Around App Store On The iPhone… Others Can Too

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I was just recently suggesting that the massive focus on “apps” and “app stores” may be a red herring, as eventually many of those apps can be built via the web (especially as HTML 5 moves forward), without having to go through any kind of app store approval process. So it’s worth noting that, in fact, Google has done exactly that with its Google Voice app for the iPhone (doing so because of problems getting a client-side app approved by Apple). While the app is still rough around the edges, it should be a reminder that there are ways around the app store, and web-based apps have plenty of potential.

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Comments on “Google Routes Around App Store On The iPhone… Others Can Too”

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Josh (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I don’t think Apple will have any sort of problem with this at all. In fact I bet Steve Jobs is doing a little dance from hearing about this, going “I told you so”

When the iPhone was first released Apple insisted that people would create web based applications for the phone, which is exactly what Google has done. It was only after a year of people complaining that Apple made the concession to allow 3rd party apps on the device at all. Then they go and complain about the approval processes while forgetting that if they really want their application made they could just make a web based version.

“But then how would I get someone to pay 99 cents for my iFart application if it’s just a website”

Dementia (profile) says:

Re: Was this story about Google Voice? Why Yes, it is!

Hmm, seems the date of the post he linked to is 1/26/2010 and the post states that Google made an announcement “today” which would be the same date as the article. The point wasn’t that Google has Google Voice, but that they created a web based app to bypass Apple’s app approval process. This would certainly to fit with the general timeliness of other Tech Dirt articles as it just occurred yesterday. Perhaps you should ensure comprehension of the entire article before criticizing his timeliness?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Was this story about Google Voice? Why Yes, it is!

I read about this sometime last week from another source and somehow it’s my problem that Mike’s now getting around to it?

Thanks, Dementia. Good name, by the way. I don’t come here to comment to Mike, yet this is chalked up to some sort of “Reading Comprehension Problem”.

I just state the facts. Mike is behind the times. He should get a roll of stamps and just mail the stories in.

Dalane K. Braunschweig (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Was this story about Google Voice? Why Yes, it is!

LOL, I swear the same troll picks different things to lie about every article. There was no IP to try and hammer Mike about so he jumps on timeliness. No really Google has just released today a new and improved web app for Google Voice, they did however announce today’s release yesterday. AC you are a genius, you even have me trying to correct you. LOL

Nastybutler77 (profile) says:

Re: Problems with non-native apps

Another problem I have with web apps is if I’m traveling I’ll have to either do without my apps, or pay the airlines and airports for WiFi access. That’s if they even have WiFi on the flight, which most don’t. Or if I’m out of a 3G coverage area (and as Verizon loves to show, is anywhere outside a major city) then a lot of these web apps will either be unusable, or take forever to load. That’s not ideal.

ScaredOfTheMan says:

He must be paid

I am convinced these “pro-IP” trolls are paid or something, they just showed up about 4 months ago, and they are here for every story. Always have something bad to say, trying to cut at Mike, maybe they are afraid

Now for this story, yse google voice for iphone was accessible via safari 6 months ago, however the new interface which was released (1 or 2 days ago) is the big story because it really feels like a native app.

martyburns says:

Is it just me

or have there been more than the usual amount of snotty far-from-the-point comments of late?

Have these people already failed at their New Years resolutions and feel the need to take it out on Techdirt?

I never understand why these people even visit the site. I reckon that if you dont like it then don’t bloody read/visit it.

MCR says:

Why does Apple Care?

I really don’t think Apple cares about people using the Google Voice app, especially if it’s web-based. Apple makes exactly $0 off of AT&T phone plans. Their money is derived from product sales and a % of the data plan that iPhone users are forced to buy.

Even AT&T shouldn’t be that upset, since people who purchase an iPhone are required to get a voice plan for 2 years. Also, as the exclusive iPhone carrier, AT&T can force someone to purchase a voice plan without any reprecussions.

Blah says:

Why not just use the google voice app?

If your iphone is jailbroken or “Full featured” as I like to call it, then the google voice app is already available and fully functional right from Cydia or a number of other sources, pre-cracked version are even available that work over EDGE/3G without wifi or the need for the 3G unrestrictor app.

If your iphone is not jailbroken, then you are probably not tech savvy enough to be on the google voice bandwagon anyways.

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