BREIN Shut Down Hundreds Of Torrent Sites That Apparently No One Ever Used

from the if-a-file-sharing-site-that-no-one-uses-closes,-does-it-make-a-sound? dept

TorrentFreak has an article up about an announcement from the rather aggressive Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, insisting that it had shut down nearly 400 different BitTorrent sites in 2009, along with another 200 plus “illegal sites.” However, as TorrentFreak notes, no one seems to know what the majority of these sites were. It had cataloged somewhere around two dozen sites that were shutdown, but didn’t hear a peep from the users of the other hundreds of sites shut down — which seems odd, since users of such sites are usually pretty quick to tell TorrentFreak of any shutdowns. So, did BREIN shut down sites that no one uses? Or did those users not tell anyone? Anyone have any answers?

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Comments on “BREIN Shut Down Hundreds Of Torrent Sites That Apparently No One Ever Used”

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:) says:

No need to find illegal.

Music: Jamendo and magnatune all enforce liberal licenses that give you your freedoms back. have thousands of stock sounds that you can use for free and again enforce liberal licenses. have thousands of stock footage, sounds, books and films(in the public domain) with liberal licenses.

There is a need to find useful things, copyrighted material is not useful to people.

That is why I don’t see a problem with BREIN trying to shutdown all those P2P sites even if they somehow could do it they still can’t force people to choose only resctrictive licenses.

Want to do a new LoLCat for youtube and don’t have your clip muted or have and big ass ad on it that will give you no money? You will have to start using things that have liberal licenses.

Want to show the world the first steps your baby takes without being sued?

Use music licensed with copyleft licenses in time those musics will be all the rage.

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