Chicago Prosecutor's Office Leaks Old, Unsubstantiated, Discredited Internal Memo To Smear Innocence Project Founder

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Last year, we wrote about the rather troubling situation in Chicago, involving prosecutors who were given information from the famed Medill Innocence Project (which consist of journalism students who examine potential wrongful conviction cases) indicating a wrongful conviction. Rather than use the new evidence, the prosecutors began a campaign against the Innocence Project subpoenaing a ton of information that has no bearing on the case whatsoever, but seem designed to intimidate the journalism students. On top of this, the prosecutors have leaked claims that the students paid witnesses, which appears to be a misreading of a situation where cab fare was paid for by the students, and there was a bit of money left over.

But at every turn it looks like the prosecutor’s office is out to smear, rather than to investigate. The latest, coming via Romenesko, is that the prosecutor’s office released a decades old internal memo that smears the founder of the Innocence Project with claims that are either totally unsubstantiated or entirely discredited. The memo was given to at least two news organizations and has absolutely nothing to do with the case at hand. A spokesperson for the prosectors’ office claimed that the document was distributed, “in the interest of trying to get the whole picture out there,” which is really quite stunning. Again, the document has nothing to do with the case at hand and is either unsubstantiated or totally discredited. It’s hard to see that as anything other than the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office trying to smear the guy in charge of the Innocence Project. It certainly doesn’t seem like an operation seeking truth.

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Comments on “Chicago Prosecutor's Office Leaks Old, Unsubstantiated, Discredited Internal Memo To Smear Innocence Project Founder”

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vilain (profile) says:

Re: IStates Attorney's Offices

I’d love to have everyone on the IL AG’s entire staff past and present submit to a rigorous financial audit crawling so far up their GI tracts that you can see daylight. It’s only fair. If they’re going to “get the whole picture out there”, it should go both ways. A little corruption, graft, and duplicity is good for the soul.

BentFranklin (profile) says:

What I will never understand is why law enforcement isn’t interested in projects such as this, at the very least because if the person in jail is innocent, then THE GUILTY PARTY IS AT LARGE. This happens even in cop-killer cases like the one in Iowa. It’s the main thing that makes me doubt the motivations of these prosecutors.

Prosecutorial misconduct in a capital case should be a capital crime.

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