Reason To Buy? Getting A Real Version Of The Resident Evil Motorcycle?

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Reader harbingerofdoom sends in the news that video game developer Capcom has commissioned the creation of a “very limited run” of real motorcycles based on the chopper in the game Resident Evil. As harbinger notes with his submission, this is quite a “reason to buy,” in that he’d gladly pay $25,000 for a copy of Resident Evil if it came with one of these…

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Comments on “Reason To Buy? Getting A Real Version Of The Resident Evil Motorcycle?”

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Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: errr..

Reason to be pulled over? Nah, those will be street legal, you would have to be doing something wrong first. Reason to have it stolen? Nah, custom, limited, branded vehicles are too easy to track so they don’t get stolen as often as regular run of the mill vehicles (too hard to sell).

I agree with R. Miles, there is no way in hell (or wherever zombies come from these days) that it’s only going to be $25,000. I think $80,000 is optimistic.

El Guerrero del Interfaz (profile) says:

As usual “cool” means unusable and unridable.

Certainly a rigid chopper with an extremely long and impossibly angled fork is the best machine to ride with one hand on bad roads while you’re taking out zombies…

In this sense the only realistic movie from the point of view of the rider and the mechanic is still Mad Max, the original one. No freakin’ weird choppers there, only logical ridable bikes.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The Matrix Reloaded featured an apparently stock Ducati 998. Though for some inexplicable reason they replaced one of the best motorcycle sounds ever with some kind of inline 4 sound. The sound editors for those scenes should have their genitals tasered. Actually the first Matrix had a normal motorcycle on screen for a brief moment. A BMW maybe, I don’t remember.

Spawn drove a regular old sportbike, and Arnold drove normal motorcycles in the first 2 Terminator movies.

Or maybe you’re talking about movies with “fantasy” motorcycles that are still realistic. If that’s what you’re going for then I got nothin’. 🙂

El Guerrero del Interfaz (profile) says:

Well, among other things, I ride a strictly street-legal purple Goldwing with fantasy-themed aerography and an H?chard side-car and it certainly gets me pulled over quite often. Just as I got with a heavily customized Sportster. But I’ve never been pulled over with my plain vanilla Beemer despite riding it quite faster than the GW and the Sporster. Never got a ticket but had to wait for the cops to fully examine the bikes…

And while my Beemer sleeps outside every night, I have never let the Harley or the GW alone or far away. Because eye-catching bikes *do* get stolen more often than plain ones. As it happened a few years ago during the yearly Hog meeting at the French Côte d’Azur. A trailer full of custom bikes were stolen then, including a Captain America replica. Anyway, the rich kids and old men that are going to buy them are never going to ride them on any road on any civilized contry…

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