There's An Apology For That: AT&T Dismisses Its Pointless Lawsuit Against Verizon Over Ads

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We still don’t understand why AT&T called so much more attention to Verizon’s ads that highlight AT&T’s weak 3G network coverage by suing over the ads. Things were made worse when a judge refused to block the ads from airing. Perhaps finally realizing that all this was doing was creating free advertising for Verizon — and more attention on the quality of AT&T’s network — the company has decided to drop the lawsuit. Apparently, instead, it’s going to focus on its own misleading ad campaign.

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Comments on “There's An Apology For That: AT&T Dismisses Its Pointless Lawsuit Against Verizon Over Ads”

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Brian (profile) says:

So they shifted from annoying lawsuits to even more annoying commercials. Their “You can’t surf and talk” commercial is fairly pointless to begin with but the other one is by far the most annoying commercial. They split it into two parts and if you don’t see the first part you just see a moron throwing pictures at a map calling out city and state names.

DCX2 says:

Re: Re:

As a Droid user who has run into this limitation, I must point out that it’s not just “you can’t surf and talk”. It’s “you can’t do voice and data at the same time”. This makes getting a call during turn-by-turn navigation somewhat tricky.

I long for the day when everything is just data plans. No more voice/text.

Freedom says:

Competition is good...

I’m glad to see the competition frankly – it’s good for consumers.

When Apple beats up on Microsoft in a what most would call a series of “unfair” commercials, it makes Microsoft make better products and in the end we all win. I frankly don’t agree with Apple’s business models, but without a heathly Apple, Microsoft will have no real incentive to produce a better OS. (Windows 7 is a great example of what Microsoft can do when focused). I think the same is true with Verizon and AT&T. Only to me, both are about equal sized competitors and less Apple versus Microsoft (or AMD versus Intel) type of thing.


CStrek (profile) says:

AT&T Vs. Verizon 3G????

I see we have a lot of Verizon fans around…As a user of both Verizon and AT&T and using 3G on both phones, I have found that AT&T’s 3G is much much faster than Verizon’s. Verizon’s is much more like the EDGE network on AT&T. So, as everyone is complaining about the attacks from both sides why is no one looking at the speed of 3G. From my limited knowledge 3G is what each network is calling their 3G network and not a common protocol for speed. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re: AT&T Vs. Verizon 3G????

No, you are quite correct.
3G simply refers to each groups set of 3rd generation gear used to make stuff faster than their older network.
If it was a standard that would be awesome. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about how much any single specific company has coverage.
Much how things used to be when there was competition in both the GSM and CDMA areas and with one carrier you could use another carrier’s towers (of the same technology base). Before they bought up all the competition except for a few here and there.
Although, I think that even if 3G was a standard, they couldn’t all cooperate just because of how different GSM and CDMA are.

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