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Looks Like Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Got To The Spanish Government

from the and-here-we-go-again dept

We had just been noting how Spanish courts seemed to be actually interpreting copyright law in a reasonable way, and slapping down industry attempts to abuse the laws. Of course, that couldn’t last. It appears that Spain is now proposing new copyright laws that would bring its existing laws down the well-lobbied path of draconian punishment, increased third party liability and other mindless ideas that have more to do with propping up an old business model than encouraging the creation of new quality content. A bunch of professional content creators in Spain are organizing to protest these new rules, but do they stand a chance against the usual onslaught of industry lobbyists?

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Comments on “Looks Like Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Got To The Spanish Government”

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:Lobo Santo (profile) says:

Re: Re:

(Hello Coward! Welcome to the internet.)

You should take some time to thumb through the last–let’s say year–of posts and you’ll find your ignorance concerning Mike’s stance on piracy washed away by a torrent (not pun) of newly acquired information; a torrent only equaled by your mother’s alcohol consumption while she was pregnant with you.

(Seriously, who would name their kid ‘Anonymous’? She must’ve been REALLY drunk.)

TheStupidOne says:

Re: Re:

Well I can’t speak for Mike but I can add my 2 cents …
Yes, and yes. I download things like Linux distributions, open source software installs, music and videos are are legally shared in P2P systems. I also watch lots of online videos, play online games, often times have high quality audio streams playing while browsing the internet and someone is watching a Netflix movie in the next room. So a high speed internet connection is incredibly useful to me.

aguywhoneedstenbucks (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

I have to second the stupid one. I have a fair internet package because I play a lot of games and because I do a LOT of work from home, much of which involves remotely connecting to servers on different networks. I don’t even think I installed a torrent program (and I refuse to run Kazaa/Limewire/what have you) on my current machine. I also share my music when I get time along with jamming online, so a good upload speed helps me out greatly. All of those things are legal last I checked. My music, my work, games I pay to play (or that are free). All 100% legal fun. Have I ever been a raporist? Sure, once upon a time, but not in years. My internet package then was atrocious even by the standards of that time.

Does the grandparent think that just because someone enjoys their nice internet package that they are raporists?

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I admit, without the piracy controversy I would have never started up my P2P host. I don’t give two craps about Linux. But now that I’ve found so much legal free stuff to share just to piss of the RIAA, it’s not going to stop. I will keep my P2P running just because more people need the opportunity to find what I have, even if the RIAA vanished tomorrow.

I’d have the big fat internet pipe no matter what. I do way too much other stuff not to have it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

“So in other words having something that enables criminal activity = you are a criminal.

I guess we should make having hands illegal then? The number one enabler of criminal acts is our hands after all.”

Actually it’s our brains, as criminal activity is a behavior. So in order to cut criminal activity off at the knees I propose World Lobotomy Day, and I believe AC should be the spokesperson.

Chuck (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Try using driving in your analogy instead.
Without racing, do you honestly think that most people would speed in their cars all the time? Do you think they would pay for an expensive sports car to drive only at legal speeds?

Yes. And it’s not so much approving of piracy as it is trying to get the punishment fitting the crime. I mean, do J-walkers deserve to be amputated (so they can never j-walk again)?

Yano (profile) says:

it’s not about supporting piracy it’s about IP and copyright laws actually taking precedent to our own legal rights including freedom of expression and privacy.
we should start a political party, i would suggest to start lobbying and fight fire with fire but we can’t; as basic human rights aren’t supported by billion dollar industries.

well says:

non commerical copying and fair use

this is about spains rights and freedoms
and ill say it
riaa/mpaa are bad evil trolls and you will see them funny part is

A) am i a thief in canada for using my blank cdrs ( CDR LEVY ) no
B) am i the thief or are they with 17.07$ pop n popcorn at movie theatres
C) cam law got one person convicted in 1.5 years …LIKE OMG how much taxppayer money wasted on that could have went to foodbanks OR lowering taxes

its economic american terrorism plain and simple by a small group who need like hockey players to take some pay cuts and USE TECHNOLOGY not be scared whiney of it

Marcel de Jong (profile) says:

This legislation is more like a disease or a virus, the way it spreads around the world.
I find it hard to understand how it can be that different governments suddenly start to write new copyright laws so close after eachother.
And I find it even harder to understand why these governmental agencies don’t look at more experts, rather than just lobbyist from one side of the equation.
Are they all blind and stupid?

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